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Before bed…..

Hi guys :) Okay, it’s kind of “out of character” for me to be writing you after I’m already done taking calls for the night (it’s 9:40pm right now) but I’m in a good mood, so I felt like it. PLUS, writing now makes it that much easier for me to log on ON TIME tomorrow at 3pm EST….and me logging on on time is always a good thing, right? :)

K…I was in a good mood today anyway, cause I got to sleep in WAY late, and after that I got to do some reading (for pleasure, NOT for class!) and my workout only lasted like 30 minutes today~so after I got done walking it was only like…Noon? So I had PLENTY of time to shower and watch, “The Peoples Court”….did I mention I’m addicted to court TV shows? Lol….. Yeah, that and “Judge Judy” are like the only shows I watch totally religiously without having to TIVO them. :)

Anyway, so I logged on kind of on time (I know, I’m SO bad, but you forgive me, don’t you? *Giggles*) and the first hour of my log on time was spent with REAL men….my FAVORITE TR…and another “semi regular” guy who turns me on…a LOT! Either way…both of them made me and my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard!! To the point where I was sweating even! And whenever that happens…I’m a little pissy cause…well, cause I hate getting all sweaty if there’s not an actual, real life GUY here making me sweat!! BUT, I LOVE that I have some really yummy callers who can even get me all sweaty and messy just by phone fucking me! So….it was a *very* good afternoon!

But then…I had a slew of calls where I was totally domme! Like…one with humiliation, and one with some strap on play…both of which I LOVE, btw! But then? My Silly Old Bill finally came out of hiding and called to play with me! And, even better? He called my Ignore Line to make amends for being MIA for so long!! I’m sure you guys noticed that I created that listing not too long ago…. Anyway, so he stayed on the phone for a WHOLE HOUR (at $2 a minute, no less) while I called and talked to Ali, did my web stuff, updated my web page, did my laundry, listened to music…you know! All the stuff I normally do when no one’s on the phone…but of course, I was getting PAID to do it!! How awesome is that??!!

Did I mention he was shopping my wishlist while he was being ignored? :) Yeah…he got me a few things…yummy things that I can’t WAIT to get!! Coincidentally….my little slut Chase was buying me things at that EXACT moment!! So I’ve had a really yummy prezzies day!! Not to mention the laptop chilling pad and the cute lingerie I just got today from my master AF (TY sweetie!) I guess you guys have noticed the new Valentines Day buttons that Tee made for me or something? *Giggles* Even if you haven’t…I still have to say, yet *again* that you guys are the best callers a girl could ask for!! I love it!! :)

So…as of now, I’m logged off and done taking calls for tonight. Except for the (possible) call I’m expecting from my pussy boy (I sent him on a slut assignment, so he’s been DYING to tell me his progress! Lol…) I’ll be going to bed pretty shortly, I think. I’m going to have some dinner (some grilled shrimp and broccoli) and watch some TV (“Top Design” and “Criminal Minds”) and then take my sexy lil ass to bed! *Giggles* Gotta get my Princess Rest, you know….

So look for me tomorrow!! And make sure you call me!! And….before you go to bed…think some yummy thoughts of me? :)

2 Responses to “Before bed…..”

  1. You been tagged.

    Don’t complain…I played along and so can you.

    (wink, wink)

  2. Kylie says:

    But I would anyway, Angela!! Even without my mistresses’ (your) instructions!! It’s super late, so I’m going to bed…but you can bet I’ll be visiting your blog to figure out what this means tomorrow! Lol! :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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