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Hi guys :) I just thought I’d write a quick little note, yes, it’s almost 8pm and I haven’t been on all day. I know! I need a spanking. *Again* Lol…. But I’ve been like, crazy busy these last couple days! Mostly, it’s been my pussy boy monopolizing me~which is always a good time cause I love talking to him so much! Well…I love teasing him and denying him and making him go out on slut assigments, I should say…. *Giggles* Especially cause this weekend, he bought me wishlist prezzies for Valentines Day! (YAY!) But THIS morning, we talked for SO long, and after we were done, it was already pretty late. So I decided to take a yummy pink bubble bath, and call my Mommy, and pretty much relax for a bit and then start taking calls.

And then, not a moment after I got out of my bath, I had an email from my Silly Old Bill….who’s also been wanting lots of my attention lately. And since his email mentioned how many new prezzies he’d just bought me, of course I had to log on for a second to ignore him some more, right? *Giggles* It’s actually pretty funny…not only have I been ignoring him and getting paid while I do it, Ali has been doing it too! Well, she doesn’t ignore him exactly…she just tells him what a loser he is. But then? She commands him to buy both of us wishlist prezzies!! OMG it’s so fucking cool. AND, it’s so much fun sharing him with her, I think I’m going to keep letting her borrow him for a little while. I mean… know me! I’m spoiled! So you also know I don’t share so well. *Giggles* It’s not my fault! I’m an only child….no one ever taught me HOW to share, you know? :)

So anyway, back to my prezzies. :) You can click the link to see it all, but~ in the last few days, he’s bought me: a digital keyboard for my computer, body butter and bath stuff from LUSH, some chocolate scented body scrub/body cream, Gucci sunglasses, rose scented bubble bath, a Brandy CD, body butter from Bliss Spa, and the silver makeup case I was dying for! I usually wouldn’t list them all out like that….but I know he’s touching his tiny little dick reading this so I figured I’d make it fun for him. Especially since he knows he can’t cum again until I say so. *Giggles* Ali told him he has to buy us each prezzies every day for a week….so we’ll see if he behaves himself. :)

So. Even though I’ve been super busy, I’m obviously in a really good mood! :) It’s about 8pm right now, and I don’t think I’ll take calls for too long tonight. I’m going to log on in a sec, and then I’ll be available until about 9:30. So if you feel like playing, call me tonight! Cause if you don’t catch me now, you’ll have to wait to play with me tomorrow….and I haven’t cum yet all day! You knew that already though…right? How am I supposed to get off talking to pussy boys? *Giggles* So I guess I should rephrase….REAL men ONLY should call and make me cum tonight. Yeah, that sounds MUCH better!

Bye for now!!

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