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Will you be my Valentine? :)

Hi guys :) I was almost going to hold off on writing tonight…even though it’s Valentine’s Day and all….mostly just to make sure I log on on time tonight by 6pm. But it’s like…5:45 right now so even if I’m a little bit late today, it shouldn’t be too late. So don’t be too mad! I PROMISE I’ll be on soon!! :)

Now~what to tell you first? I guess the first thing should be me wishing you all a Happy and Horny Valentines’ Day!! This will be the first VDay in like…I think 6 years or so, that I haven’t had a “sweetheart”. Or at the very least a fuck buddy for the night! It’s not really a huge deal to me~I’m pretty much loving being single. For now, anyway… I guess it just seems like it’s tradition or something. That I would be out for a romantic dinner and some champagne and then getting my tight lil pussy fucked all night long, you know? *Giggles*

I have the champagne part covered…yes, I’m having a glass of bubbly right now, even though it’s early still. (It’s Valentine’s! I’m allowed!) But here’s the part where you’re supposed to offer to be my Valentine! And…maybe offer to call and phone fuck my brains out? That would definitely be *very* cool!

Regardless, I’m pretty sure I’m having the best Valentine’s Day ever!! I swear, it’s almost like Christmas around here, you guys are so good to me! I know, I tell you all the time, but I have to say it again cause it’s true and you know how much I love it! :) SO many wishlist prezzies in the last few days! I got some yummy bath stuff and wine tumblers and books from my sweetie B12….AND, the laptop bag I really wanted and Versace perfume and some lingerie from my master AF.

And of course~last and most definitely least (in the dick department, I mean, cause his is SO small~Lol…) My Silly Old Bill…who sent me so many prezzies I can’t even list them all here! But my favorites….a 5 disc DVD home theater surround sound system and a portable XM Satellite radio for my car….plus some bath stuff and body scrubs and perfume and….lots more! If you want to see the rest, just click the wishlist link above. Anyway, it’s such a shame! Cause if he were one of you real men, I would totally want to fuck him for buying me all these expensive gifts! But as it stands (wait, does it even stand? I’m not sure how hard my silly old Bill can even get…lol) his cock is too tiny for me to even let him imagine it! Fucking me, I mean. Oh well….at least he’s well behaved. *Giggles*

So. I’m going to try and end this novel here so I can be logged on by 6:15 or 6:30pm EST. I did some fun stuff on my Princess Day that I want to share, but I’m going to wait till tomorrow so I can actually log on sometime soon. :) I should be available and taking calls till 9 or 9:30pm EST, so if you’re horny, call me tonight!! Cum be my Valentine….. Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Will you be my Valentine? :)”

  1. Mister Vitaminalicious says:

    Enjoy the champange Kylie…I hope those wine glasses aren’t too “big” for you. :) Happy Valentine’s Day my dear…

  2. Kylie says:

    There’s no such thing as too big!! I can fit LOTS of big things in my tight lil pussy! (You should know that by now, silly man….)

    xoxo, Kylie

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