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Friday night…..

Hi guys :) I know, I know, I was planning to write again before now….I just got caught up with lots of STUFF and so I’m a bad, evil girl. Again. LOL! But I’m back now, and before you even ask, yes, I’m completely available and taking calls right now. Not on “alerts”, for real~I’m completely available. I actually just had to stop writing for a second cause I got a call just now! See?? Told you so :) My schedules’ been kind of crazy lately…I signed the lease for my new house, so I’ve been packing and stuff…and buying paint, and doing all the stuff I have to do to move.

AND, my Princess Day kept me busy all day long this week! I went to see an herbalist and had acupuncture…which was *very* cool, btw! I don’t really have any major health concerns, but my friend Ali goes to her (the herbalist) and she always says she’s SO cool, I had to check it out. And I liked it! I’m totally on a chinese herbal regimen now, and I go to have more acupuncture once a week for the next month or so. And, just so you know? The needles really don’t hurt too much. They’re super small, and it’s kinda cool to look down and see them in you. (Besides, you know I love to have all KINDS of things inside me, right? *Giggles*)

Other than that, it’s been pretty calm around here, other than packing for my move. Except of course, for my silly little bill….who’s been spoiling me rotten! Again. *Grins* It’s a good thing though…I like lots of prezzies! In fact, I like them enough that I can deal with him and his tiny lil dick as long as he keeps buying them for me. LOL!! (I’m serious, though…) Today, I got some Gucci sunglasses, some bubble bath, some body butter, a silver makeup travel case, and my new Prada wallet to match my purse. That’s not even mentioning the Hello Kitty DVD player and bath stuff and Viper car alarm and Chanel mascara and CD’s that he bought me yesterday! Seriously, I am SO spoiled rotten….and there’s so many more wishlist prezzies coming!! And to be completely honest? It really makes me horny!! Is that really so bad? That prezzies make my pussy wet? :) I hope it’s not…cause there’s nothing I can do about it either way! *Giggles*

So….it’s almost 9pm now…I planned on writing more stuff, but my Mommy called in the middle of this and now it’s getting late. So I’m going to go now. :) BUT, I just switched myself back to be available, AND I’m going to stay on till 10:30pm EST tonight. So call metonight!! Oh! Before I go…I’ll share some favorite feedback~I haven’t done that in a while, have I? :) I loved reading both of these…so I hope you like them as much as I did. *Smiles*

First, from my favorite sweetheart TR…you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

another VERY hot call with Kylie. every experience is a little different and every experience is amazing. i swear i can taste the sweat on her neck and feel her warmth in my hand… looking forward to next time already, girl.

AND, from My silly, tiny lil dick, pathetic old bill… can read this one on my Ignore Listing:

Kylie seems to really have a knack for this ignore thing, She knows how to make me feel so silly as i listen to Her have fun doing other things.

Bye for now!

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