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Princess Notes….

Hi guys :) Well…it’s almost 9pm, and I know I would normally be logging off….but SO many of you called me last night (when I stayed up till almost 1am EST taking calls!) I think I’ve decided to stay available till 10 or 11pm tonight. So~that’s just FYI….in case any of you feel like calling to play with me on Niteflirt tonight? (Hint, hint! Lol…)

Either way, since tomorrow is my Princess Day, I thought the title for today was pretty appropriate! And I AM going to have an awesome Princess Day….I just scheduled a massage and a manicure….and that’s beyond my acupuncture/herbalist in the AM. It’s going to be a wonderful day of relaxation and rest….I mean Princess rest, of course! :) And I’m going to love every minute of it! I was supposed to have a date with Ryan…but my new fuck buddy JB has outlawed that idea, even though he’s too busy to see me till Wenesday. *Pout* Oh well…. I’m still going to have a wonderful day! With lots and LOTS of cat naps, cause I’ve been seriously sleep deprived lately! (The cable guy was here at like 11am to fix my wireless router…and that was just TOO fucking early!)

Anyway. The reason for the title. I have had an awesome day today!! SO completely awesome!! I’ve completely exceeded my normal money goals….and that makes me really happy!! If this keeps up, I’m thinking of starting another blog just to detail the “exploits” of my tiny dick losers…cause I know you real men don’t want to keep hearing about them, right? :)

Anyway, first, I talked to my pussy boy…for a nice, looong, yummy call… And before you ask, NO, I didn’t let him cum!! That’s kind of my “philosophy” nowadays…when it comes to loser tiny dick guys, anyway. LOL!! And it’s so much fun!! I’m going to have to work on my new “princess blog” sooner than later, I think….I have so many “slut assignments” to share!! *Giggles*

But then, my silly old bill called me yet *again*. He bought me some new prezzies last night…some body stuff from Bliss, and some bathroom rugs, and some Hello Kitty panties…. Not to mention the bookshelves and bookends and flat iron and Biosilk stuff for my hair…have I mentioned that stuff already? I don’t know, I get forgetful cause he buys so much stuff for me lately. Cause I own him and his tiny lil loser dick. *Giggles* Anyway, I ignored him for a good LONG while today (at $3.65/min of course! Lol!) while I called my girlfriends and laughed at him….and called my mommy and laughed at him…and called my new fuck buddy JB and laughed at him….LOL!! And of course, I made him buy me a new stainless steel microwave for my new place AND a duvet cover for Ali….all while I was laughing at his loser ass! *Grins* It’s TOO much fun being a princess!! Seriously. :)

So…I’m going to end this now….cause I want to log on as completely available soon so you REAL men can call me tonight!! But, before I go, I HAVE to share some of my favorite fedback from the last couple days. Just cause I know it will make you guys laugh your asses off!! Of course, it’s from my silly little bill….and I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Ignore Listing:

Kylie never seems to run out of friends to talk to when She has me waiting on the phone. my part of the call is to listen while She is laughing and making plans. Oh, and my other part is to pay.

LOL!!! I TOLD you it would make you laugh!! :) Bye for now!!

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