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Wednesday night~I’m back! :)

Hi guys :) It’s Wednesday night, and it’s almost 6pm, so this is going to be a kinda short entry. I hope! Lol… Anyway, I just wanted to say hi cause I’m finally back from my Princess Day…and so you’ll know that I’m taking calls tonight (like I’m supposed to be!) from 6pm or so till about 9:30pm EST.

I had a GREAT Princess Day this week, btw :) I did all the stuff I mentioned in my last entry…acupuncture, then I got my nails done~by my HOT asian porn star manicurist~who just got implants, btw! OMG is she SO fucking hot now! And don’t laugh!! I’m allowed to drool over hot chicks with big tits, aren’t I? *Giggles* Then I had a massage…and it was REALLY good. So good in fact, that I think I”m going to have one at least once a month from now on. Except…next time I think I’m going to request a guy massage therapist. I had a woman this time? And she was kind of…manly? (I’m sorry, I can’t help it~it’s just true!) And I think it would be much sexier to have a guy massaging me naked. :) So we’ll see. It kinda hurt me, though! Like my shoulders and back are all sore, like she pressed too hard or something? I don’t know….

Anyway, I was so tired after my massage that I came home and had some dinner and then fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I watched, “The Prestige”

Which was REALLY good~I mean, the plot was good and the ending was CRAZY! You have to watch it! I would have liked it anyway for those reasons…but I guess I kind of have a lil crush on Christian Bale? So YMMV….if you’re not into guys, especially. *Giggles* But after that, I just fell asleep and slept all night long on the couch. I know, I’m SO boring nowadays, right? Lol… BUT, I told you I was tired….and I didn’t exactly have time for a cat nap in the afternoon, so? Oh, well. :)

I spent most of today having a (my very first!) chocolate bubble bath…which was pretty yummy, actually! Even though the water was brown….it smelled really good. And, I shaved my tight lil pussy all sweet and clean the way you guys like it :) And, I had to open the door for all the delivery men/prezzies that came today! Yay!! (Have I mentioned how much I love prezzies? Lol…) Some Versace perfume from my master AF~FINALLY! Prezzies from a REAL man instead of just my loser silly old bill! *Giggles*

And on that subject (REAL men feel free to skip this section~I know you’re tired of hearing me laugh at my losers…lol) Only a tiny mention for silly old bill today…cause… Well, because his dick is so tiny, number one. But number TWO cause he’s kind of on punishment right now. He usually emails me every morning to tell me which prezzies he’s bought me. And the last few days…even though he’s bought me a new stainless steel microwave and bathroom organizer and Armani perfume….and today I actually got the car alarm and Hello Kitty DVD player and Cd’s and scrapbook and new towels he bought me….. I have no email from him! And half the fun of tormenting his pathetic lil cock is hearing how much he’s been thinking of me and waiting to cum. So he’s on punishment till he calls me up to be ignored again. AND he has a new nickname! From now on I’m calling him “tiny lil thumbdick bill”…. Just FYI. LOL!

And I guess that’s it! As usual, my “short” entry turned into a novel….I was afraid of that! :) Either way, I’ll be available and taking calls by 6:30pm or so, so call me tonight!! Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot! I got some new favorite feedback the other night from a new guy…and I’m going to share it below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Oh my lord, Kylie is everything I hoped for and more. This girl is a gem, a precious find, completely irreplaceable. Thank you Kylie, talking with you was a pleasure and an honor.

SO sweet!! I loved reading that, my luv~TY! Bye again, guys! :)

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