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My Friday….

Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a great Friday so far!! I’ve had a busy day today…. First, I went to get my car alarm and subwoofer installed at Circuit City. No, no pretty girl favors this time! Lol…. It was kind of chilly when I got up, so I was wearing pants AND a sweatshirt….and my glasses too, for that matter! It’s kind of hard to feel like putting on makeup when I have to set my alarm to wake up. Cause I HATE that. Setting my alarm, I mean. I don’t know, I just feel like I sleep better when I can wake up naturally….having to get up on a schedule kinda sucks, IMO. :)

Anyway, so I did all that, and then I talked to my pussy boy for a while….I sent him to work in panties today so of course I wanted to hear all about it afterwards!! You can’t fully grasp how funny it is that I made him wear them for me unless I tell you what he does for a living….and since I can’t tell, you’ll just have to wonder… But I can PROMISE you, it’s *very* fucking hilarious!! Am I being too mean if I say that I can’t wait till I make him wear them for me again? *Giggles* I think I’ll do that soon….

And THEN (sorry guys, I know this entry is starting to seem like a boring “blow by blow”) I did some more packing for my upcoming move. And, just in case you wondered? Packing REALLY sucks! OMG I hate it!! And…even though I SO won’t miss my neighbors when I’m all done? I’m kinda going to miss my house here. *Pout* My new house is WAY better…especially cause I have so many new housewarming prezzies from silly lil thumbdick Bill….lol…. Today, I got bookends and a microwave and bath stuff….and last night he bought me shelves and a laundry organizer and a laptop table and a shower curtain and hooks and some DVD’s…. And it DOES make me laugh to see how much money he spends on me just to be ignored…. GOD he’s such a loser! *Giggles* But still!! I still have to find movers and move my cable/internet AND my phone AND I have to paint my new bedroom princess pink just like the one I have now! SO much work! I think some of you should totally come down to Florida to visit just so you can help me move. Some of you REAL men, I mean. And don’t think I’m kidding either! I mean it! :)

SO. I’m finally done with all my stuff for now and I wanted to write and say hello and tell you guys that I’m available and taking calls. I feel bad that my entry today was kind of boring…..but you guys are always happy to hear from me anyway, right? *Giggles* I’ll be on Niteflirt from now until about 9:30pm EST. And I can’t stay on any later tonight cause I’m going out after~I’ll write more about that tomorrow :) Either way~call me tonight!!

And~that’s it for now, cause I’m in the process of ignoring lil thumbdick bill. So I have to go. Bye for now!!

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