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Some more favorites….

Hi guys :) It’s just after 8pm here, so I’ll only be taking calls for another hour or so….usually when I get the urge to write this late I save it for the next day cause I know I’ll only be up for another couple of hours. Yes, just in case you wondered, I’m going to stay available on Niteflirt and taking calls till 10 or 11pm EST tonight cause I started so late today. Don’t blame me, though!! It’s all my pussy boy’s fault! Yes, I blame him for his lil dick AND for stealing my attention from all you REAL men, in case you hadn’t noticed. *Smiles* So, 3 super looong, yummy calls and a *very* large cash treat later (TY sweetie!), I’m just now able to start taking calls. Well, I’ve been logged on since 7pm. But still! You get my point.

BUT~let’s get back to the point of this entry. First, I have to remind you guys to check out my Call Me Cuties site this month~I just added my new feature for the month…and it’s Phone Sex Sweetie Nikki. My original redhead girly crush. *Giggles* So you have to check it out and call her and tell her I sent you..cause I know you’ll like her as much as I do! :)

Second, I have to mention some of my favorite feedback from the last couple of days…cause you guys have been so good about leaving it for me lately. I know you guys think I’m crazy cause I’m always going on and on about feedback and how important it is. But even beyond how it helps my calls, it also totally makes me smile! (You knew that already, didn’t you? *Smiles*) So, here they are:

From my favorite TR, who finally remembered to write something for me after a little “prompting”, lol…. I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

how on earth did i forget to leave some feedback for Kylie? it must have been because my brains were so scrambled after one of our incredibly hot calls… i think i lay there on the couch and passed out for a bit after we hung up, actually. god, the things she does to me… WOW, do I always love his feedback notes! Even if they’re a little late~they always make me smile. :)

AND, from my sweet, sweet, MWAllan….who always makes me smile! And cum. And cum some more! *Giggles* Well, to be honest, usually I tease him until he’s the one begging to cum. But I digress, lol… Anyway, this one can also be found on my Anything Goes Listing:

Well i am finally able to share some nice words of my friend kylie again. to those of you who read this, if you’ve ever talked to kylie, then you already know shes perfect and i dont have to convince you. but to those of you who dont know her, well then, read her site, then call her, then, well i dont have to explain it any further, you will be in love, since i cannot claim her only to myself yet, i will share, but you have to be nice to her, because she deserves only the best. (I remember what I owe you, mister….I’ll do it this weekend, I promise!! Did I mention how much I was missing you? *Smiles* Check your email later….)

And I guess that’s it! I just wanted to write really quick to share those…cause I loved reading them so much. And also, cause I figure there are a few guys who read here regularly who haven’t ever called me….and what better motivation than a sweet lil feedback note from one of my favorite guys? :) I’ll be taking calls till 10pm or so tonight, and tomorrow after 4pm EST. So call me!! Bye for now!

PS If you feel like doing something sweet for me tonight? VOTE FOR ME on Phone Sex Central! (Please, pretty please?) Just click the link above or the button below:

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Bye again guys!

Make your sweet girl happy :)

Hi guys :) WOW, it’s been a busy few days!! I mean busy like, my life~cause it’s been pretty hectic around here lately. And I have LOTS to tell you, so be prepared for a long entry. Princess Day was finally (well, mostly) *very* Princess-like like it always used to be. Like it’s supposed to be! Lol… I did have to go let the maids in to clean my old house and do that stupid walkthrough…but I’d say it’s pretty “princessy” to sit and drink a bottle of water while I watch other people clean my house for me, don’t you think? *Giggles* I actually felt kind of stupid when the landlord showed up though….because not only did she give me back my whole deposit, but she bought my AC unit AND gave me back the “prorated” amount for the last few days of the month cause I moved out early. So….I guess my whole temper tantrum earlier this month about her showing my unit was kind of for nothing. Oh, well. It’s all over and done with so I never have to see her again~so only you and I know I said that and it’s our secret, k? :)

Then, I had to do lots of girly stuff….did some shopping for shoes and bubble bath and got my toes done. I think that was the last time I’ll see my hot asian manicurist, though. *Sigh* Her salon is too far away from my new house and I don’t want to drive that far just to see her. Or maybe I do. Well, I don’t think I do. Unless all the chicks that work in salons near me turn out to be ugly and flat chested. *Giggles* In which case, I think I’ll have to make the 20 minute drive to have her do my nails. You understand. :)

And after that, I hung out with the new boy for a while. He brought me dinner~I don’t like him enough to cook for him yet, lol~and we watched, “Happy Feet”

Which I LOVED!! I mean I LOVE loved it!! I think I may be the last person on earth to see that movie…well, at least the last person who loves animated movies as much as I do, lol. But it was awesome. :) Of course I had to make him stay and watch American Idol with me after….and can I just say now, because before I sat down to write this I watched the results show….can Sanjaya please go home now? Pretty please? OMG he was so awful I thought for sure that they’d send him home this week! I think his hair was worse than his singing! But of course, they didn’t….so I have to suffer through yet another week of him choking his way through some song. *UGH*! At least my favorite Melinda stayed though….mark my words now, she’s going to win this year. I usually wouldn’t put myself out there and say that where I can be held accountable if she doesn’t? But I mean it. She’s that good. She’s so good she makes my nipples hard~and not in a sexual way, either! Wait…I guess if you aren’t watching American Idol, this whole paragraph means nothing to you…so sorry about the rant. You liked the part about the nipples though, didn’t you? *Giggles* No worries, it’s over now.

Oh~and nothing more to mention about the new boy. After the show, I made him take out my trash for me and then go home. No nudity before or after. Just in case you wondered. :)

Anyway, I hope I didn’t give you the impression that when I said I’ve been “busy”, I meant only my life…..cause WOW have you guys been keeping me BUSY lately!! My schedule’s been so different for so long, I’m not used to my phone ringing off the hook like this anymore! But this is NOT a complaint!! I know, I’ve said it a million times, but keeping my phone ringing and my pussy cumming makes Kylie a *very* happy lil girl! So…favorite callers….my favorite TR (You forgot about me last night, mister…I hope this isn’t revenge! I forgive you cause you made me cum so hard…but still….) A semi-new guy with a HOT secretary roleplay (I told you I don’t get to be submissive too often~but that call was VERY fucking hot!! TY sweetie!) My sweet Jamie….who I’d been missing so much cause it’s been TOO long, of course my pussy boy for lots of looong, yummy calls, AND my new sweetie Tony….who not only made my pussy so wet my fingers were slippery after (yes, I licked them clean! *Giggles*) but also left me my favorite feedback. I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Absolutely the sexiest woman I’ve ever spoken to on niteflirt. Once you hear her voice, you’re going to fall in love with Kylie. She is interested very much in whatever turns you on, and responds well. Tony

SO sweet!! AND even the shorter calls all left me feedback. AND, most of you guys have been leaving me tips at the end of our call…which is never necessary, but always appreciated. :) AND, my master AF missed me so much, he sent me some more yummy wishlist prezzies. (YAY!! I love prezzies! TY my luv!) So like I said, I’ve been WAY busy. And happy! And horny…as usual…. *Giggles* I don’t know how this week could get any better, to be honest!

Wait…yes, I do. I’ll be available and taking calls tonight from 5 or 5:30pm till at least 9pm EST, probably later. So…if you want to make my day a little bit brighter? Call me and play with me tonight! Come on…you like making your sweet lil girl happy, don’t you? *Giggles* Bye for now!

A Warm Phone Sex Welcome :)

Hi guys :) Wow. I can’t believe I was worried about you guys forgetting about me when I wrote yesterday! Cause yesterday, after I logged onto Niteflirt to start taking calls? OMG, was yesterday one of my best days ever!! Thanks for the welcome back~I knew you guys were missing me! :)

Lots and LOTS of calls…from some of my old favorites (My favorite phone sex virgin, my Tommy, my B41~not to be confused with B12, different guy!) and even some new ones….who I don’t know well enough to mention by name yet. AND some yummy cash treats (thanks Chase!), AND lots of listens to my recordings…well, I guess I should say recordING singular, cause I only have the one sexy one right now. You guys just can’t get enough of my blowjob recording can you? *Giggles* No worries, it’s all good. I love it that I can make you guys cum even when I’m not around. :)

On the subject of recordings though…I know, I promised you guys a new one a while back. *Sigh* I’ve really been meaning to…I was actually planning to do it this morning sometime. But every time I get in the mood to do it~I have to be in the mood so I can actually get off~I get a little carried away and end up cumming all by myself before I even hook up my microphone. (What? It’s hard to stop touching my pussy once I get started. *Giggles*)

And today, I started playing with just my fingers instead of my favorite vibe…thinking it would be an awesome orgasm cause I haven’t done it that way in so long? But I think I’m getting addicted to that thing or something, cause it was kind of a let down. Like, all the way up to cumming, I was SO wet, my pussy was almost slippery? So I had to keep shifting my fingers so I could actually get off. And when I finally came, it just wasn’t as…intense….as it usually is with my vibe. I don’t know, I remember hearing a long time ago that vibrators could get addictive for this very reason, so maybe I need to be careful from now on? :)

OR, even better~I should get some REAL cock instead of just having my pussy licked. Yes, in case you wondered, I have actually been naked with the new boy, but I’m not letting him fuck me yet, for various reasons…. I’m considering it, though. MORE than considering it! *Giggles* I just have to decide if I want him to be my boyfriend or not. Once I figure that out I’ll stop waiting. But for now….I’m undecided. Like I said, for various reasons….so I’ll let you know when I make up my mind.

So…I guess that’s it! I spent most of my afternoon with my pussy boy today…teasing and tormenting him and making him beg me to cum, lol…. But, no matter how much fun that can be, I never cum while I play with him~even when his begging totally turns me on like it did today! Lol… Either way, my point is, I’m in the mood to talk to a REAL man tonight! Any takers? *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls from 6:45 or 7 till about 9:30pm EST. AND, if you’re wanting to play with me, make sure you catch me tonight~cause tomorrow is Princess Day as usual, so I won’t be on again till Wednesday.

Bye for now!

I’m FINALLY Settled….

Hi guys :) Well, it’s finally happened. After all these months of dreading moving and procrastinating packing and dealing with all the crazy stuff I mentioned in my last post…I’m finally mostly settled in to my new house. And I love it so much!! I’m mostly unpacked….and I’m done hanging pictures…and almost done hanging curtains even! So after this coming Tuesday when the maids come and I have my walk through with my old landlord at my old house, I’ll finally get to have time to myself and LOTS more time to spend playing with you. Lots and LOTS more time, if I have anything to say about it. *Giggles*

Yes, you heard me right, I’m actually logging on kind of on time tonight cause I’m so fucking horny and I was so tired last night, I didn’t even take a minute before bed to play with my “japanese boyfriend”. I did consider it when I got out of my bath this afternoon….cause my new neighbor next door was outside in his yard while I was getting dressed after my bath? I don’t know, I thought it was kind of a hot thought~thinking of him seeing me on my bed with my fingers in my tight lil pussy and my favorite vibrator on my clit…. But then I got a little bit shy and decided to save it for later. I know, I know, for being such a total phone whore I get shy at the stupidest things, don’t I? Lol…. But even beyond the “shyness” thing, I don’t know him well enough to give him a free show. Not YET anyway. :)

So, my point was, I haven’t made my pussy cum in like 2 days!! And so I’ll be available and taking calls tonight from about 5:30pm till 9 or 9:30pm EST. Hopefully you guys haven’t forgotten all about me….. Actually, I’ve gotten quite a few emails wondering where I am and even a few calls the last few days even though I wasn’t logged on for very long~so I guess I don’t have to worry about that. Either way, if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight!! Oh~and since I haven’t done favorite callers lately, I’m going to share some favorite feedback from the last few days before I go. Have I mentioned that I have the absolute best callers in the whole wide world? *Grins* Here they are:

From my favorite TR~on my Anything Goes Listing:

it had been far too long between calls to Kylie… evidenced by the fact that the mere sound of her voice aroused me. she’s amazing – and she’s spoiled me so badly. she knows exactly what i need every time. (It HAD been far too long, my luv….I think I’m the one who’s spoiled though…cause you always make me cum so hard! Lol…. Check your email later…)

And, from my sweet Spooky~on my Fantasy/Anything Goes Listing:

She is the best. I am so impressed with this woman, that I can’t think of anything else to say. You are so wonderful darling, that you’ve stolen my words away. (Does that mean you were really just teasing with the “lucky” thing? Lol… I’m just playing….it will be sooner than you think.)

And I guess that’s it! Bye for now!

Thursday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Just a super short entry for now cause I’m still totally in the process of moving. Well~let me rephrase: I’m unpacking and shopping now, I’m done with the actual moving moving, lol. But I’ll give you a little summary of my last few days: LOTS and lots of packing, then lots and lots of cleaning (the new house) and finishing up painting. Then, watching as the movers moved all my stuff, which happened pretty quickly cause there were three of them~but then I got to watch them break my desk AND my TV stand. Then, shopping for a new desk, a new TV stand (harder than it sounds cause I have a 46 inch tube TV that weighs about 350 pounds), curtains, a new flat panel TV for my bedroom (YAY!) and of course more groceries…I threw all the old stuff away cause I didn’t feel like packing it. *Giggles*

THEN, waiting for the exterminator, and the phone installer, and the cable guy, and the furniture delivery…and then this morning, the electrician cause the back patio light didn’t work. And the plumber, because my washing machine was overflowing onto the floor. Everything’s all fixed now, but I’m only now getting to unpacking and hanging curtains and pictures and putting together all these housewarming prezzies that silly old bill sent me last month. But there’s still so much to do! *Pout* My new neighbor (my friend Matt) has been helping me with it all, but still. I SWEAR, this is the longest and most difficult move I’ve ever had and I’ll be SO fucking glad when it’s all over!

But there is some good news! (You didn’t think this entry would be all bad, did you? *Giggles*) I’ll be taking calls again tomorrow! Finally! :) And right before I started writing here, I unpacked a few boxes….and I finally found my favorite vibrator. Or as B12 calls it, my “japanese boyfriend”, lol…. Either way, you get my point. :)

So, I hope you’ve missed me lots and LOTS while I’ve been away~cause I’ve sure been missing you! Look for me tomorrow after 5pm, I should be available and taking calls until at least 9pm EST. AND I’ll be around all weekend long, so there’s plenty of time for you to call and play with me. :)

But now, I have to go take a shower and unpack some more boxes…so I’m going to go. Bye for now!

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