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NO Spankings! Lol….

Hi guys :) Okay, before we even start, I KNOW I wasn’t on last night! And NO spankings this time, okay?? *Giggles* Well, you know I’m always up for a spanking…but not hard ones today. Pretty please? Lol… Like I mentioned the other day, my landlord started showing my house on Sunday….and when she got here, she let me know that she had more than one person coming over. A LOT more than one! So, five showings and two hours later, I was *fuming* again…and just a little too pouty to be playing on the phone. I swear, one of these days I’m going to start a strictly domination listing, so I can turn it on when I’m in a bad mood and take out all my frustrations! LOL!

Anyway, before you ask, I’m in much better spirits today. To be honest, I was feeling better by the time she left yesterday, cause I had stacked boxes all up and down along the walkways? So her and all the people she showed it to had to shuffle around corners and trip over boxes and stuff? OMG it was so much fun! Maybe kinda bitchy, but still LOTS of fun! *Giggles* I’m hoping if I make the stacks even higher by Wednesday, she’ll just give up on showing the place till I move out. :)

So today, I’m happy again. And horny again! And I hope I get to play a lil bit tonight cause it seems like Princess Day comes up so fast lately! You’ll be happy to know that tomorrow will actually be a real Princess Day….I have to get my nails done, then acupuncture, and I’m going to have a chinese massage at the acupuncture place. Don’t ask me what it is, or how it differs from American massage, cause I don’t really know. *Giggles* All I do know, is that it costs like $85 dollars extra so I hope it’s good! (And get your minds out of the gutter, guys~I said chinese massage, not asian massage….so no “happy endings”! Lol… At least I don’t think so…..)

SO, favorite callers….not too many this weekend cause I wasn’t around too much. Just my pussy boy and my sweet MWAllan….both for looong, yummy calls. But BOTH of them forgot to leave me feedback! What’s up with that? :) I forgive them, but as a result, I don’t have any favorite feedback to share. *Pout* For now, I don’t anyway. Maybe some of you will call and make me cum tonight so I’ll have some to share when I write next time? I sure hope so…. I’ll be available and taking calls tonight from 5 or 5:30pm till about 9:30pm EST. So call me tonight!!

Bye for now!

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