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Some more favorites….

Hi guys :) It’s just after 8pm here, so I’ll only be taking calls for another hour or so….usually when I get the urge to write this late I save it for the next day cause I know I’ll only be up for another couple of hours. Yes, just in case you wondered, I’m going to stay available on Niteflirt and taking calls till 10 or 11pm EST tonight cause I started so late today. Don’t blame me, though!! It’s all my pussy boy’s fault! Yes, I blame him for his lil dick AND for stealing my attention from all you REAL men, in case you hadn’t noticed. *Smiles* So, 3 super looong, yummy calls and a *very* large cash treat later (TY sweetie!), I’m just now able to start taking calls. Well, I’ve been logged on since 7pm. But still! You get my point.

BUT~let’s get back to the point of this entry. First, I have to remind you guys to check out my Call Me Cuties site this month~I just added my new feature for the month…and it’s Phone Sex Sweetie Nikki. My original redhead girly crush. *Giggles* So you have to check it out and call her and tell her I sent you..cause I know you’ll like her as much as I do! :)

Second, I have to mention some of my favorite feedback from the last couple of days…cause you guys have been so good about leaving it for me lately. I know you guys think I’m crazy cause I’m always going on and on about feedback and how important it is. But even beyond how it helps my calls, it also totally makes me smile! (You knew that already, didn’t you? *Smiles*) So, here they are:

From my favorite TR, who finally remembered to write something for me after a little “prompting”, lol…. I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

how on earth did i forget to leave some feedback for Kylie? it must have been because my brains were so scrambled after one of our incredibly hot calls… i think i lay there on the couch and passed out for a bit after we hung up, actually. god, the things she does to me… WOW, do I always love his feedback notes! Even if they’re a little late~they always make me smile. :)

AND, from my sweet, sweet, MWAllan….who always makes me smile! And cum. And cum some more! *Giggles* Well, to be honest, usually I tease him until he’s the one begging to cum. But I digress, lol… Anyway, this one can also be found on my Anything Goes Listing:

Well i am finally able to share some nice words of my friend kylie again. to those of you who read this, if you’ve ever talked to kylie, then you already know shes perfect and i dont have to convince you. but to those of you who dont know her, well then, read her site, then call her, then, well i dont have to explain it any further, you will be in love, since i cannot claim her only to myself yet, i will share, but you have to be nice to her, because she deserves only the best. (I remember what I owe you, mister….I’ll do it this weekend, I promise!! Did I mention how much I was missing you? *Smiles* Check your email later….)

And I guess that’s it! I just wanted to write really quick to share those…cause I loved reading them so much. And also, cause I figure there are a few guys who read here regularly who haven’t ever called me….and what better motivation than a sweet lil feedback note from one of my favorite guys? :) I’ll be taking calls till 10pm or so tonight, and tomorrow after 4pm EST. So call me!! Bye for now!

PS If you feel like doing something sweet for me tonight? VOTE FOR ME on Phone Sex Central! (Please, pretty please?) Just click the link above or the button below:

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Bye again guys!

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