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You’ve been warned…..

Hi guys :) Well, I hope you’re proud of me. It’s actually just after 12 noon here and for once~well, I guess I’ve done this before, but not really often lately, lol…. For once, while I’m sitting at the computer first thing in the AM, instead of getting lost on the internet and shopping and reading phone sex message boards (that’s what I usually do first thing and usually for WAY too long!) I decided to stop in and write you guys a note before my day gets started.

Number one, cause it’s been a few days since I last wrote and number two, cause I’m just incredibly fucking horny! Like seriously, it’s been bad these last couple of days….I think I’ve made myself cum like 7 times since Monday night? So I guess I shouldn’t say it’s been “bad” exactly. Cause in reality, it’s been super fucking yummy good! Anyway, I’m sure you get my point. :)

The weird thing is, you know how I’m always going on and on about my “japanese boyfriend” cause I love him so much? I can’t remember when I got that thing…I think it was like…last May? And ever since then, it’s been almost exclusively the only thing I’ll use cause it makes me cum so hard SO fucking fast! But the last couple of days….I’ve just been craving cock inside me! Not real cock~well, a real one would be nice, but I haven’t returned the new boy’s calls since Sunday~but my plastic ones have been doing the job nicely. *Giggles* I had to do some hunting for them in the boxes I still haven’t unpacked, but now they’re in a little bag under my bed so I can get them out whenever I get the urge to rub my pussy. Which lately, is when I wake up in the morning. And when I wake up in the middle of the night. And when I get home from grocery shopping. And when there’s a really long commercial break on TV. LOL! Like I said, I’ve been cumming a LOT lately!

The main point of me telling you about it though, is so you’re prepared when you call to phone fuck me over the next few days….cause if you do, you most likely won’t hear the loud buzzing of my hitachi vibe on my clit. Instead, you’ll hear me grinding my hips up and down while I fuck my slippery, tight, lil pussy…and my dildo moving in and out of me….and probably me begging you to fuck me harder before I cum all over my fingers. *Giggles* We’ll see. Either way, you’ve been warned. :)

Anyway….enough about that. *Smiles* In case you wondered, Princess Day was truly a Princess Day yesterday. No pampering, though~just me at home with a whole, entire day to do whatever I felt like doing. In other words, no painting or moving or unpacking or service guys coming over to fix things, lol…. So I did some grocery shopping, and I napped a little, and I had a looong yummy green sparkly bubble bath, and then Amanda came over so we could have a few drinks and watch “The Good Shepherd”.

Which she thought was too long and too boring, but I absolutely LOVED! I mean, it definitely was long, but it was so interesting to watch! And I guess I’ll show my age and sound stupid here, but I didn’t ever realize that the CIA isn’t even 100 years old? Anyway, it was good…Matt Damn was awesome and I’d definitely reccommend that you see it. The only thing I don’t get about it, is why Angelina Jolie was even in it. Her part was like…nothing. Like it could have been played by some no name actress and not distracted me with her and her yummy lips, lol. Or maybe that was the point? I don’t know. *Giggles* But it was good.

And today, I don’t have any big plans either….I do have acupuncture at 3, I don’t really feel like going but I think it’s too late to cancel, and then I have to get my nails done, but after that (well, by 6pm anyway) I’ll be available and taking calls tonight. And I know baseball’s starting and all….but. Remember the part above where I said I’m so completely fucking horny? Lol…yeah. Be sweet to your sweet lil girl and call me tonight! I should be on Niteflirt till 8 or 9pm EST.

OH! And before I go…I’ll share some favorite feedback. I know, I know, I need to start doing favorite callers again~but this entry is too long as it is, so I’ll save it for tomorrow. So for now, just some yummy feedback notes. :) This one’s from my sweet, sweet MWAllan, and I SO Loved reading it! I’ll post it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

well guys, im back to write again about how amazing kylie is. after so many calls, its hard to find new ways to say that she is the most incredibly sweet, sexy, fun, hot, horny, and real girl ive ever met, on the phone or in person. its been a great friendship i look forward to growing and lasting a long time. kylie is not a one dimentional phone sex slut, she is that, yes, but so much more that i cant even put to words. thanks again

And this one too:did i mention that just her voice alone is enough to melt a guys heart, well add that to the previos list also. sweet dreams my luv.

(You’re welcome, sweetie! I think that may be the first time you’ve ever called me a slut, lol! No worries though…I liked it….)

And I guess that’s it! Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot…to say a special hello to my sweetheart Spooky~I hope you’re feeling better soon, mister! And I hope you write me again soon, too….

2 Responses to “You’ve been warned…..”

  1. Audie says:

    So we have been warned! Ooh We can’t do anything about it if you don’t sign on.I guess the princess needed another day to build up her sexual energy. Ohh boy, if she gets on today she will be getting off all night!!

  2. Kylie says:

    I DID sign on though, AF….and you should know cause you were the first one to call me tonight! :) Maybe I will get off all night, actually….with OTHER guys though, just to spite you! LOL! (You know I’m kidding….but if you want to pick on me for being late today, I’m going to pick on you back….)

    Ttyl, my luv :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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