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I DO!! :)

Hi guys :) Okay, so so often my notes to you here are all about my schedule, and my life, and my Niteflirt phone sex….and I know how much you like reading about that stuff~but lots of times I have lots more to say. Like actual *thoughts* in my head to share that aren’t related to phone sex. Well….these thoughts I’ve been pondering that I’m about to share do pertain to phone sex. Like most of my deep thinking does. *Giggles* But still!

Last night, I was so deep in thought about this, I thought I should maybe start a diary again so I could get it all out. And then I remembered….I have an online diary right here! So…read on…and hear me out….and remember that by doing so (just by reading!) you’re making your sweet lil girl *very*, very happy. :)

Anyway….my thoughts last night were all about fantasy versus reality. Like, it started cause I had a *super* hot call involving me as a lil schoolgirl in a really short skirt doing really naughty things to my older teacher. Of course, it got me completely wet, AND it got me off, but it also got me to thinking….like….would I have really done something like that when I was in school? Would I have seduced my teacher and then blackmailed him to keep quiet about it? Not “money” type blackmail, you understand…just making him fuck me and lick my sweet lil pussy anytime I felt like it to keep me from telling on him?

And I decided….that YES. I totally would have done that! Even back at the *ripe* young age of *XX* (I’m going to keep the number to myself, lol…) that kind of scenario would have seriously turned me on!! But would it have been easy for me to find a guy (a teacher) who would allow himself to be put in that position? NO! I know cause I was always kind of on the lookout for a situation just like that back in high school. *Giggles* LOTS of teachers who I could TELL wanted to fuck me….but none who actually acted on it. For obvious reasons.

So….I got to wondering….how many of you guys have fantasies that are fun while we play, but that you would never do in real life? Like….seducing the naughty school girl as I mentioned above. Or…taking advantage of the girl next door and making her suck your cock~and three of your friends too! Or, *gasp* letting your girlfriend fuck another man in front of you with your permission and even *double gasp* cleaning her pussy with your tongue afterwards! *Giggles* (Feel free to answer this question in my comments, boys~you know how much I love to read it when you do.)

I know, I know…all of these examples don’t apply to ALL of you…. I’m just mentioning the most recent ones you’ve thrown at me. The ones that have totally turned me on! :) But I digress….

Anyway, so my question is, do you have one of those? One of those totally sexy, filthy dirty phone sex fantasies that you know is “wrong” for you to fantasize about…. That you know you would never do in real life…. But no matter how you try to get it out of your head, it’s still the thing that makes you cum the hardest??

I thought so. Me too. *Giggles* I have LOTS of them in fact. But most of you already know that. :)

But I’m thinking…that that’s one of the most awesome things about phone sex! That you can play out all your naughtiest fantasies without fear of repercussion….with someone far, far away from you who will never tell your co workers~or your wife~or (insert name here of whoever you don’t want to know your dirty secrets! Lol)~how dirty you really like to be.

But it’s also one of the reasons why I LOVE that you’re reading my diary!! Cause if you’ve found this, then you’ve found me, and that means you’ve already found the perfect naughty girl who’ll fulfill all your fantasies. Believe me, there’s MUCH more to love about me than the fact that I get into ANY naughty fantasy or roleplay you’ve got inside your head, lol….My site and my Niteflirt listings DO say “Anything Goes”, don’t they? :)

But my point here is, I really do. (Hence the title of this entry, lol…) I DO love to play with you…and I DO love to get my pussy wet and really CUM with you….and I DO love to hear about all your naughty thoughts. I DO love to hear you cum for me, and I DO love it when you make me cum! (I think I said that already…lol… I love that the MOST, but still….lol…)

Okay. Enough of my “deep thoughts”. :) I told you they were slightly phone sex related, didn’t I? *Giggles* And now it’s pretty late (almost 9pm EST) so I’m going to end this now. I’ll probably be taking calls till at least 10pm EST, so call me tonight! If you haven’t already that is…. Cause a few of you already have….and those of you who have, have also left me sweet cash traets after we talked! (Thanks again, guys! I really appreciate it!) Yes, it’s that time again~time for favorite feedback. Both of these can be found on my Anything Goes Listing:

From my sweetheart Spooky~If there are angels on earth, Kylie is one of them. A naughty little angel, but an angel none-the-less. You are a blessing darling. Remember that always.

And, from my *new slave* Tony~Kylie is the best , bar none. Her voice is irresistable. She had me spellbound the whole time. Once you do a call with her, you’ll want to call her back again and again. She’s that good.

See? You guys are TOO good to me!! And to all the new guys who’ve called me tonight to tell me how much you love reading my blog? I have to say a big *thank you* to you as well. :)

Oh…and before I go…to my pussy boy? Look out for that new thing soon. I think I like contolling your cock. And your orgasms. LOL! And I definitely like the *large* yummy cash treat you sent me this afternoon! Keep behaving so well and maybe I’ll let you cum sometime before next year. *Giggles*

And…I guess that’s it! Remember, I’ll be on till 10pm tonight. After that, look for me tomorrow night after 4 or 5pm EST. Bye for now!

3 Responses to “I DO!! :)”

  1. Joe says:

    I learned about you (and got a link to this on-line diary) from CeCe’s diary. So I thought I would just stop in and say Hi, since you commented on her comment to me about getting her best f friend and cumming to my pool in bikinis and the three of us doing what you girls do best.
    Someday I really would enjoy spending some quality time with the 2 of you, if you’d both agree and working out a 3 some fantasy of 2 young girls and one older guy.

    But you posted a question here:
    Or, *gasp* letting your girlfriend fuck another man in front of you with your permission and even *double gasp* cleaning her pussy with your tongue afterwards!

    Well um yeah. This is a big fantasy of mine.
    Not sure why I had to say that, but reading it got me going.

  2. Kylie says:

    Hi Joe!! Nice to meet you! And thanks for stopping by :) Yes, CeCe is one of my very best girlfriends….and we’ve definitely “flirted” with the idea of a threesome call/fantasy. We just haven’t found the right guy to play with yet. Or rather…we haven’t found the right guy who could HANDLE both of us yet! *Giggles* So….if you promise to get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids beforehand so we know we won’t kill you with sweet young pussy or anything…I’m sure I could convince CeCe to cum out and play :)

    And the fantasy you mentioned? Yeah….that’s my current favorite, too. I’m glad it got you going :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitamins says:

    It’s weird…the second time I was in a situation with multiple guys on one girl…the guy (it was his fiance we were fucking) seemed like he got WAY more off on what was going on than the girl did. To the point that I thought he was going to start touching me, or at least high-five me, which he didn’t thank god…lol… And no, there was no cream pie cleanup that time… :)

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