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Cum be MY Easter bunny….

Hi guys! :) I guess I should say Happy Easter~cause it is today and all. I don’t know though…other than Christmas and my Birthday (lol), I don’t really recognize that many holidays anymore. Part of it is being so far from all of my family up in Michigan, but MOST of it is due to the constant sunshine here in Florida. It’s kind of hard to remember which season is which, much less which holiday it is! Either way, I’m sending you warm, yummy holiday wishes…and looong wet kisses, too! I’m sure you’re all enjoying some kind of Easter dinner as I write this….so maybe you won’t even get my kisses till tomorrow? Oh, well….even if it’s belated, you can still enjoy them. :)

I’m not logged on yet, but I will be very soon. Like as soon as I write this, actually….. I spent most of my afternoon yesterday with my pussy boy, and by the time I was done teasing him (and his lil dick, of course!), it was pretty late, so I took the rest of the night off. I didn’t think I had anything planned, but the new boy called and wanted to bring me some wine and hang out with me~so of course I accepted. When have you ever known me to turn down an expensive bottle of wine? *Giggles*

So….he came over, and I did enjoy his choice of wine. *Very* much, actually! I don’t know, there’s something about a guy close to my age who understands that the best bottle of Sauvignon Blanc he can find is NOT necessarily the cheapest one in the store! Lol…. I’m pretty picky when it comes to wine, in case you hadn’t noticed. :) There’s also something great about the way he’s trying to be so patient about waiting to fuck me. Cause I come on *so* strong, and *so* fucking flirty, and I’m sure when he met me he thought he’d be fucking me that same night. *Giggles* And since I haven’t let him yet….I give him extra points for waiting.

It’s kind of a fun thing though, this “good girl experiment” I’m doing with him. I can’t remember EVER going this route, even back in middle school when I started getting fucked. Yes, I was that young. Put your tongues back in your mouths, I’m not telling how young! Lol…I will tell you that I skipped a grade in school though, so I was probably younger than you think. *Giggles* I know, I’m such a big slut, aren’t I? Don’t give me shit about it, I know you guys like me that way. :)

Anyway, I think it’s hot! AND, it makes my pussy get even wetter while I’m watching him try to find an angle to convince me. AND, the more I deny him, I start to truly understand the whole “mind part” of this whole cuckoldress thing I’m exploring. (More on that tomorrow.) Either way, my point here is, yet AGAIN I sent him home without letting him fuck me. In case you wondered. I did let him touch my pussy a little bit….*Giggles*…but that’s it. And as usual, I digress. :)

SO. It’s almost 8pm here, and I’m about to be available and start taking calls. I know, I know, it’s horribly late and I’ll only be on till about 9 or 9:30pm EST. But if for some reason you’re at home and you feel like playing? I’ll be here for an hour or two, so call me tonight!! Maybe you could cum be MY Easter bunny? :) I’m sure you have better ideas than eggs for what to put in my “basket” though…don’t you? :)

Bye for now!

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