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Happy Ending…..

Hi guys :) I shouldn’t really write a smiley face….cause today hasn’t really been the best day. Well? Let me rephrase….some really great things have happened, but then some crappy things happened too. Like…this morning, I woke up to a looong yummy call from my pussy boy~which is always a good thing. And yes, I teased him for most of it. But no, I still didn’t let him cum. *Giggles* So, a couple of hours and a *large* yummy cash treat later (the biggest one I’ve ever gotten, actually! TY sweetie!) I was in a really great mood!

Especially after reading this feedback he left me…..great feedback always makes me I’m sure you all know by now! :) I’ll share it below, but you can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

I never really thought that my prfound adoration and affection for Kylie would turn into utter addiction. But it has…oh my, it has…I long to hear her voice, I need it daily now. Thank you Kylie, for intoxicating my mind with such a sweet liqueur!

Anyway, after I hung up, I picked up my phone to hear no dial tone. And no static. No NOTHING. My phone was completely dead, even after I checked all the phones in the house…it’s my actual phone line, not my phone equipment. *VERY* bad thing. Especially for a girl who spends most of her nights on the phone playing with her pussy and making herself cum, you know? How do I have phone sex with no phone? *Grr!*

So I was in an awful mood. But THEN, my pussy boy emailed to beg me to let him cum. Yes, I said beg! *Giggles* It’s only been a week now, but he’s so fucking weak, and I teased him so much earlier…I guess he just couldn’t help himself. Lol! So this was some serious begging! So much that it made my pussy wet. Strange how a man pleading for something that’s supposed to be his right and under his total control always gets my panties all sticky wet. *Giggles* But it does. Every time. :) So…I told him my terms (which weren’t easy! And which I’ll disclose to you guys later), and he agreed. And since I was already all horny I kicked my panties off and got out my vibrator and made myself cum right then. Yep, that was definitely a good thing. :)

So, back in a happy mood again, I decided to go ahead and call the phone company, so I could have them send out a repairman and get my phone working again. Only to be told that the earliest anyone can come out is tomorrow. Tomorrow morning! So not only do I have to last all night with no phone (I mean, I have my cell phone but I don’t like to do calls on it…the recpetion isn’t always so great) BUT, I have to wake up at 8 FUCKING AM tomorrow to wait for the phone guy. On My Princess Day! Half the FUN of Princess Day is sleeping as late as I want and having no plans until well into the afternoon, you know?

And, to top it all off, it’s raining outside. Hard. Umm..yeah…remember how rainy days always make me horny? One of my very favorite things in the whole wide world is to curl up in bed with my laptop and my phone, and have phone sex all night long and make my pussy cum over and over again….and now I don’t get to. *Pout*

So in case you haven’t figured it out by now…your sweet lil girl will NOT be able to log into Niteflirt and take calls tonight. *Sigh* And, while there are LOTS of things I like to do while it’s raining, (as mentioned above) driving is NOT one of them. So even though I have an accidental night off, I’m not even going to get to go out and do anything fun! *Sigh again* I don’t know…I’m sure I’ll cheer up soon. I’m thinking…a glass of wine and a looong, yummy jasmine scented bubble bath, and maybe some TV?

Whatever I decide to do, rest assured that I’ll be in a MUCH better mood when I’m available and taking calls on Wednesday night! I’ll try to write here before I log on just so you’ll know for sure. :) So miss me lots and lots till then! And hey, if you start missing me too much? Check out my Call Me Cuties site until I get back. At least that way, your night can have a happy ending….. *Giggles*

Bye for now!

3 Responses to “Happy Ending…..”

  1. I am one of your bestest girlyfriends who knows OH SO WELL how much you hate getting up early in the morning. I usually start my day no later than 7AM. You on the other hand is just turning over getting your second sleep on! So poor you for having to get up so early. *gigglin’*

    Sorry about the telephone issue boo. :( And to think, I REALLY WAS going to call you last night. *hehe* I love teasing you. :)

    I have been kinda hesitant to leave many comments here at your site because you are just so sweet and yet I am so evil. And I didn’t think it would help your sweet and lovely image and reputation if people knew you had a friend like me. But Kylie boo.. I must say.. you are changing right before my eyes! The things you are now becoming capable of! Teasing men. Making them beg! Large yummy cash treats. Making boys pay you to cum. What is going on with you? What has happened to my sweet lil Kylie?

    I think it is all my fault. If I didn’t see you enjoying this other side of you so much I would actually say I am sorry. But I see no need for that.. *hehe!*

    I love you. I will email you today, k? *kissies*


  2. Kylie says:

    Hey, girlie :)

    No, see-it’s a GOOD thing that you stopped by to comment and take all the blame for my new “evil” side! Lol… Now all my normal guys who are used to sweet and nice Kylie will totally understand where all this is coming from. (She SO is rubbing off on me, for anyone reading this? It’s all her fault. Just so you know.)

    But you’re right~no apologies necessary, BSP….I like this new side of me just fine! :) Lol…. Love u too!!

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Kenny says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for some time now, but I’ve been so intimidated by your beauty, that I haven’t called. When your phone line is fixed, perhaps you can tease me.I’m sure you’ll make me very weak for you.

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