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Play with your sweet lil girl…

Hi guys :) I TOLD you I’d write again soon, didn’t I? *Giggles* It hasn’t been too long since I promised that, has it? I lose track sometimes…. Writing notes to you here is something I always look forward to, but in case you hadn’t noticed (well…I’m sure you’ve noticed) I’m not always so great at the whole “time management” thing. Oh, well. It is what is. :)

I just spent most of the morning watching movies and returning phone calls…..I was supposed to be getting my hair done, but my stupid bitch hairdresser called me at the last minute to tell me she was overbooked so could I please reschedule for next week? *UGH* I HATE it when stuff like that happens! And I told her yes, but as I was talking I was thinking, “Yes, I’ll reschedule! With someone else!” Lol…. At least the morning wasn’t a total loss though…I ended up watching “Smokin Aces”

Which was SOOOO good!! Ryan Reynolds as an FBI agent (with the beard, I swear, he’s only sexy to me with his beard, I don’t know why) and Alicia Keys as a super hot call girl/assassin. There’s too many more big names in the movie for me to list them all out here, so I won’t~but you should totally see it! I liked it so much I think I might buy myself a copy. Or maybe I’ll just add it to my wishlist instead? *Giggles* I don’t know, we’ll see.

My visit with Erin on Tuesday was really good….I only got to see her for a couple of hours, but she looks great! And she seems happy, which is even more important. I can’t decide how I feel about it though, this whole good girl vibe she’s got going on. I mean, of course I’m happy that it’s happening! But I think I’m going to miss my party girl best friend! *Pouts* I’m not going to miss the 3 to 5 day party binges! But a one or two day party binge is fun every now and then, you know? *Giggles* You know what I mean. Besides, I never signed up to be a good girl from now on! I like it better being bad sometimes. :)

Anyway, I pretty much stuck to my vow of no more late nights ALL this week. Aren’t you proud of me! Well….I did all week until last night. Lol….. It’s a good thing, though! I spend my afternoons teasing and denying my sweet lil pussy boy (no, I still haven’t let him cum. He’s six days into chastity and there’s no end in sight anytime soon. LOL!) and then I spend my nights cumming with real men. Seems like a decent trade off to me! *Giggles* And last night was SUPER busy! At one point, I was actually getting back to back calls~I LOVE it when that happens! AND, it was especially hot, cause right before I started taking calls, I had a loooong yummy bubble bath and shaved my tight lil pussy all sweet and clean? I don’t know what it is about a smooth shaven pussy that just makes me want to touch it all the time~but it does. Every time!

So last night…I touched my pussy a LOT. Well, I usually touch it a lot, but I normally don’t make myself cum so many times. (Don’t ask me how many times! I lost count at about number 7.) And last night, it was ALL my fingers sliding in and out of me…I didn’t even get the urge to get out my favorite vibrator. And even more surprising? I my pussy came just as hard as if I had been using it. Which, in case you didn’t know, is a *very* good thing! I should check to see if I have any favorite feedback to share….let’s see….

Okay, from my sweetie B12~on my Girls Next Door Listing:

It had been waaaay too long since I had heard Kylie’s sweet voice…and she needed a spanking…so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take care of us both! She is still as sweet as can be. You can almost hear her bright smile through the phone. Thanks Kylie… :)

SO sweet! (And you’re very welcome, my luv….I don’t think I forgive you for that spanking though. Well…maybe I do. Cause I liked it. But still. *Giggles*) You guys are getting pretty good about leaving me written feedback lately, btw! I know it seems silly sometimes, but I always love to read your sexy lil notes. Waking up to yummy feedback always makes me smile. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’m going to finish up some web stuff, check all my emails, go back to downloading Amy Winehouse songs (seriously~this is the BEST cd I’ve heard in a really long time!) and then I’ll be available and taking calls by 5 or 6pm EST. Until about 9 or 10pm tonight~and I mean it! I’m not staying up any later than that no matter how much you guys make me cum! *Giggles* But that’s still plenty of time for you to call and play with your sweet lil girl tonight. Don’t you think? :)

Bye for now!

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