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Princess Prezzies :)

Hi guys :) Just a quick note for now, cause I’m available and taking calls as we speak. Yes, I logged on a lil bit late today…not till 7pm EST or so, but I had SUCH a busy afternoon! I just had to get all my stuff done before I could log onto Niteflirt tonight. What was I up to, you ask? Well…..when I woke up today I decided I needed a pedicure. Just so you know, I do get these “girly” urges pretty often. Like to get my nails done….or my toes done…or go buy some new panties…. You know. GIRLY urges. *Giggles* And when they hit me, they’re usually pretty much uncontrollable. So at this point, I’ve just learned to listen to them so they don’t drive me nuts. You know?

So I got out the phone book and picked out a really nice spa I’d never been to before, and called to make an appointment. But as I was scheduling, before I knew it, they talked me into having a massage and a facial as well while I was there….so even though their pedicure was literally the most expensive one I’ve ever had, how could I turn it down? Lol….

Anyway, I had like 3 whole hours of yummy princess treats at the salon, only to come home to another *large* yummy cash treat from my pussy boy (TY, my luv! Good timing!) and LOTS of prezzies purchased from my wishlist! Bath stuff, and CD’s, and hair products, and books and a pretty new Zippo lighter…..YAY!! I know I’ve said it a million times, but OH how I love prezzies!! And WOW do I have the best callers in the whole wide world!! I love being spoiled rotten, and I love it that you guys think of me, and I totally love it that I’m almost at 10 whole pages of wishlist prezzies! The only thing I don’t love, is that I never know which one of you bought me prezzies till they get here. *Pout* I mean, I’m pretty sure that my master AF bought me some of them (TY sweetie!)…but I have absolutely no idea who bought the rest of them. So anyone who feels like clueing (did I spell that right?) me in, feel free to leave a comment? Pretty please? Either way, I can’t WAIT to get them all, so TY, Mr Anonymous~whoever you are. :)

So in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m in a *really* good mood tonight!! And as of now, I haven’t had the chance to make my tight lil pussy cum. And if you’re in the mood to cum with me? I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt till about 9 or 9:30pm EST, so call me tonight!! Tomorrow is My Princess Day, so after tonight, I won’t be back till Wednesday night after 6pm.

So…favorite callers from the last few days….my sweetie B12 (I shared your feedback the other day, but I forgot to mention you as one of my favorites! BAD Kylie! Lol…) my TT, who’s been away for SO Long, I thought he was mad at me or something!! (Glad to know you’re not upset with me, my luv…that email I mentioned is coming this week. I PROMISE promise!) And, the HardBoy…who had also been away like, forever! (I was missing you terribly, mister…don’t make me wait to play with you that long ever again, okay? *Giggles*) I’ve been really bad about doing favorite callers lately….I’m really going to try to get back into doing that regularly again next week~I know how much you guys like it and I’m a bad, BAD girl for neglecting you. I apologize!

And to prove to you just how sorry I am for forgetting lately, I’ll share some favorite feedback before I go. :) This one’s from my sweet, sweet MWAllan, and you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

kylie has a way about her that makes you feel good, even when you have’nt spoken in a while. even when we’ve been friends for a while, still the thought of her puts a smile on my face and butterflys in my stomach. she is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, whether you want to get your rocks off, or want a friend to talk to, or just to laugh and be silly with, then kylie is perfect for all those purposes and much more.

And I guess that’s it! This wasn’t such a short note after all, was it? *Smiles* Oh, well. Long notes from me are a good thing, right? :) Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Princess Prezzies :)”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    I’m so sure that they had to twist your arm SO hard to get you to sign up for that massage and facial. :) Hey, I do massages and facials too yanno. ;) Enjoy your Princess Day all to yourself Kylie…you deserve it.

  2. Queen Zora says:

    Oooh, I bet that massage and facial was a good addition to your spa routine. I love a good pedi Myself — I really think boys are unable to resist good feet.

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