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All over the place…..

Hi guys :) I have to apologize before I start writing tonight, cause I’m pretty sure this entry is going to be all over the place. Wow, that phrase just made me think all kinds of dirty thoughts! Does that mean I’m a dirty lil girl? Cause saying that automatically made me think of your cum all over the place. Or all over me? *Smiles* I don’t know…maybe it’s the heat exhaustion setting in again. Cause yeah, in case you didn’t get it from my last sentence, my AC is still not fixed. Well…wait. It WAS fixed, from like 8pm last night till 1pm this afternoon~but then it started acting funny so I called my landlord…who called the AC guy. Who told me that now the whole unit needs to be replaced. Care to guess when that’s going to happen? Ummm…yeah. Not till Monday. SO~I have to sweat it out till then, no matter how much it pisses me off. *Pout*

Tonight though, unlike last night, I was too horny to just not take calls because of the heat! Lol…. As soon as the AC guy left I took my shirt off, took my shorts off, went and put my big tower fan in my bedroom, and set up my laptop in my bed. So yes, in case you wondered, that’s where I am right now. Sitting up in bed wearing nothing but black cotton boyshort panties, with my hair in a ponytail, listening to my new Joss Stone CD (Thanks again, B12!) and writing a lil note to you. And of course, staying logged onto Niteflirt so I can take calls tonight. Remember? I just said I was horny! *Giggles* So I spent most of the afternoon teasing my pussy boy (You don’t even have to ask, do you? Of COURSE I haven’t let him cum yet. LOL!) and after that I’ve been available and taking calls for the last few hours.

It’s a good thing though….not only is my phone ringing lots and lots tonight, I feel like the heat makes me hornier. Or at least, it makes my pussy wetter. :) I swear, every time I’ve reached down to touch myself tonight, as soon as I reach into my panties I can feel it all slippery on my fingers. Which makes me want to slide my fingers all the way inside. Which (tonight anyway) is making me have some totally yummy g spot orgasms. Which, as I’m sure you already know, is always a good thing! *Smiles* I ought to start doing this more often~actually sliding my fingers in me, I mean. That’s a little secret of mine that I bet you didn’t know…, I almost always touch my pussy when I play with you guys on the phone…..whether it’s rubbing my clit with my fingers or using one of my favorite vibrators on my clit. Either way, it’s usually on my clit only, cause that’s how I have the best orgasms. I thought, anyway! Lol…. We should do an experiment. Next time you call me, actually tell me to put my fingers in my tight lil pussy and we’ll see how it goes. *Giggles*

I don’t have any huge plans tonight, so I’m thinking I’ll stay available and taking calls till 10 or 11pm EST. So call me tonight!! I haven’t cum nearly enough tonight to be tired yet….so if you feel like playing with me? You know what to do. :) I probably won’t be on tomorrow till after 5pm cause I’m going to escape my hot ass house for a bit and go have some more pictures taken. I think I want to add a members area to my site so you guys can see some hot videos and yummy pictures of me whenever you want, even when I’m not around. And if I decide to do that, I’m going to need some more new pics! We’ll see. But either way, I’ll keep you guys posted.

Bye for now!!

2 Responses to “All over the place…..”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    How about if the next time we talk *I* slide my fingers inside you and see how it feels? ;) Good luck with the AC problems and the new pictures! Might I suggest some naughty school girl pics? Not that you like that fantasy too much Kylie…and your very welcome BTW…

  2. Kylie says:

    Hmmm….that might just work. The schoolgirl pictures AND your fingers inside me, I mean. :) It’s actually kind of cool in my bedroom right now cause the sun’s not all the way up, and cause I’m completely naked right now. *Giggles* So I think I better go shower before it gets too hot.

    xoxo, Kylie

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