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What I’ve been up to…..

Hi guys :) I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted! I guess usually when it’s been this long in between, I write a super long post about what I’ve been up to since the last time I was here. So I might as well get to it now, but I don’t know how long it’s going to be this time cause my week hasn’t been all that exciting so far. Hence, the reason why I haven’t written here since last Friday. *Giggles*

Anyway….let’s see…well, my AC got fixed on Monday, finally. OMG it was getting unbearable! I swear, I almost died. I mean it, I almost did! Lol…. I did use some of the time without air conditioning on Saturday to go have some new pictures taken like I mentioned last week. I almost feel like posting a couple of them here to give you guys a lil preview….but I think I like it better when I get to surprise you~so you’ll just have to wait a little while longer. I think you’ll like them though. :)

Ummm…Tuesday was supposed to be my Princess Day, but I had a dentist’s appointment to get my teeth bleached. And…maybe I should have done some research before I decided to do that? Cause for some reason I thought it would be totally painless and easy. Ummm…yeah. That was easily THE most painful, most excruciating thing I’ve ever done to my mouth like EVER. I swear to god! My gums were all sore and I could barely open my mouth or talk at all for two days~even moving my lips to smile let air hit my teeth, which made them hurt all over again! OMG it was awful! But it was totally worth it. :)

See? I told you my week has been boring. *Giggles* Oh, well, it happens. My life can’t always be all sexy and exciting! Especially on days when I’m not having any phone sex. Sometimes, I’m just a normal, real girl, you know?

But speaking of phone sex….lol…. You didn’t think I’d write a whole entry without mentioning it at all, did you? :) WOW, did you guys keep me busy yesterday!! I love it when the phone rings non stop and I get to make my pussy cum over and over again! I spent most of the afternoon with my pussy boy….I’m trying not to tease him too much cause it’s finally down to only 5 more days till I let him cum. Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you can count back to the last time I said that I let him, and you’ll know how long it’s really been. But I’m still not telling till the end. *Smiles* So you’ll have to wait and see.

I do have a few favorite callers to mention too, though. So let’s see….a new tease and denial guy who was *very* much fun! I probably should have made him wait longer to cum, but half the fun of the “denying” part is to finally give in and let a guy cum at the end, you know? Oh well. I never said I was a real mistress or anything. :) Ummm…my sweet MWAllan, who I hadn’t talked to in so long! (I was missing you terribly, my luv~I’m glad we got that all figured out. Have a rumrunner for me, k?) My kinda new friend Naughty7, who always seems to bring out my naughty side. AND my naughty secrets! *Giggles* My old friend Mr. Kinky, who’s still just as kinky as ever… He forgot to leave me any written feedback, but remembered to send me a yummy cash treat after our call~which is always appreciated! (TY, my luv!)

And, last but not least, my master AF, who not only called to brighten my day but also sent me some yummy bath stuff from my wishlist! (TY sweetie!) He also left me some yummy feedback, but I’m not going to add it below cause this entry is way too long already. You’ll just have to check out my Anything Goes Listing to see it if you’re curious. :)

And in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m going to start being good and doing favorite callers again acuse I know how much you guys like it. But if I’m going to be good, you guys have to be good, too! Most of you know how to be one of my favorite callers already, but just in case you don’t remember, I’ll tell you again. All you have to do, is call and play with me on Niteflirt for at least 15 minutes, and then leave me yummy written feedback after you loved our call. That’s it! It’s really easy, and it makes me really happy….and you guys all want to make me happy, don’t you? Good. :)

Okay, a million years later on my supposedly short journal entry and I’m finally done. It’s only like 11:30am here, so I think I’m going to get outside and go for a walk before it gets too hot. I’ll be available and taking calls tonight from 4 or 5pm EST till at least 9pm, maybe a little bit later. So call me tonight!! And just cause it’s finally cold in here again, don’t think I’ll be all fully dressed when you call. *Smiles* I’m thinking….light blue tank top with spaghetti straps, no bra, and black boyshort panties that I can just slide my fingers inside to start touching my tight lil pussyand make myself cum with you. (That was a nice visual, wasn’t it? Lol…)

Bye for now!

3 Responses to “What I’ve been up to…..”

  1. Kelly says:

    Awww…sorry to hear about your painful dentist visit. Sounds like you were able to cum a lot with your boys to help distract yourself from the pain.

  2. Kylie says:

    Yeah…cumming all night was definitely a welcome distraction! Lol…. My teeth don’t hurt anymore, I just wish they would have warned me how bad it would be before I volunteered. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitamins says:

    Kewl…now I really will be able to see your smile through the phone Kylie. :) Did you at least get the pretty girl discount on your procedure? ;) Stay cool…

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