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Update: Thursday afternoon…..

Hi guys :) Well. It’s been a few days since I wrote last, so I have lots of stuff to tell you! But first, I have to talk about my little poll down below~cause WOW am I so pleased with the results!! So many votes! YAY!! So thanks so much to everyone who voted, but remember, that’s a thank you from ME only. Cause my pussy boy is….not so thrilled. *Giggles* Well, I should say his cock isn’t so thrilled about the prospect of having to wait more than 31 days till the next time I let him cum! Cause at this point, that’s how long it looks like he’s going to have to wait. I wonder if he can even last that long? :) I guess we’ll have to wait and see….cause WOW will it be so much fun to see him try! And to hear him whine….and plead…and probably even beg a little when we get to day 20 or so. LOL!

Now just so you know, my wicked, spoiled lil Princess heart is telling me to close the poll now…cause the pussy boy is starting to talking about calling submissive girls on Niteflirt to get them to pity him and come cast a vote in his favor. (I know, aren’t cuckolds silly? *Smiles*) But since I’m a sporting type of girl, I’m going to give him a fighting chance and keep the poll open till I log off tonight at 9 or 10pm EST. So we’ll see how it turns out. I wonder if he’s realized that this poll was just a super fun way for me to toy with him and that it’s my right as the Princess to keep him locked up in chastity whenever I want, as long as I want? Oh, well…I won’t tell him if you won’t. :)

Okay, new subject! My Princess Day was awesome this week just like I thought it would be! I ended up oversleeping for the hair part of my spa day so I only got to have the manicure, pedicure, and facial. But OH was it SO good! So completely yummy good that I don’t think I’ll ever doubt CeCe’s advice ever again! SO relaxing, I swear I almost fell asleep….she kept massaging my face, and rubbing creams into it, and then these hot, steamy towels to wash it all away? Seriously, it was better than the foot massage I had last week, and that’s saying a lot! So I decided that I have to have a facial from now on at least once every two weeks. AND, because all I could think about the whole time was the cum facial I mentioned in my last entry? I decided I gotta work on having another one of those pretty soon too. Maybe one of you guys wouldn’t mind helping me out with that? *Giggles*

Ummm…what else. Well, I watched, “Apocalypto” with Amanda last night, and it was really good! I was really apprehensive about watching it, because it was all in ancient Mayan with only English subtitles? But having to watch the words wasn’t too distracting~and I think having it in English would have detracted from the movie. Anyway, I really enjoyed it even though she kept getting pissed at me cause I kept screaming during the bloody parts. There’s this part where they bring all the captives up to the top of this temple? And then they say a big prayer and lay them down an an altar and then cut their heads off! And then they roll it down the steps of the temple and the whole city cheers and tries to catch the head! Who wouldn’t scream at that? OMG It was fucking crazy!! But it was good and you guys should totally see it.

Just one favorite caller to mention from last night, and that would be my sweet MWAllan, who also wrote me my favorite feedback. I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

ive been sitting here for like five minutes thinking of something sweet to say about kylie, all the while not able to keep the smile on my face from fading. so i thought id start typing and it would come to me. well since kylie is the sweetest and sexiest girl ive ever met, i think that should about say enough. but since i know her so well i also have to mention something extra special ever time i write here. so what ive got this time is not something about her being the best phonesex girl in the world. you’ll find out that. and that she has the heart of an angel, and the mind of a devil. she makes that the perfect combination.

SO sweet! (You’re so good at writing sweet lil feedbacknotes for me, my luv! TY! I hope you do what you promised and let me know when that’s happening~I want all the details!) OH! And I almost forgot~I have to say a huge thank you to my sweetie B12 for the prezzies I got in the mail today! YAY! I always love new prezzies! (You should just admit it if you were the one shopping my wishlist the other day, mister….you know I’ll find out soon enough when they get here, right? *Smiles*)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be availbale and taking calls tonight from 5 or 6pm EST till 9 or 10pm EST, so call me tonight!! Don’t forget, my Mommy’s coming to visit on Saturday morning, so my schedule will be almost non existent from Saturday till next Wednesday. I may decide to do some late nights while she’s here, I’m not sure yet. But if you want to play with me, it will be much easier for you to find me tonight or tomorrow. I’ll write again to keep you posted over the weekend.

Bye for now!

PS Remember I told you my new listings were coming? They’re up now, so if you haven’t seen them, go take a look! The first one is here and the second one is here. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! I do have more sexy goodies on the way that I KNOW you’re going to love, so check back soon for them! :)

3 Responses to “Update: Thursday afternoon…..”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    I’ll admit to nothing unless you try and torture it out of me. :) I *knew* you’d be thinking about that “facial” during your facial…lol! And Princesses deserve nice presents silly…
    I agree…that poll is kicking ass Kylie. I had no idea you had so many (International) fans! The new listings look awesome…*love* the new pics…

  2. Kylie says:

    Yeah. Apparently when we spoke earlier, you already KNEW that you’d be surprising me again and you so totally didn’t tell me! You MEANIE! LOL!

    I’m just teasing, I’m not complaining…I love the roses! But I especially love how you just called me a Princess in your comment above. *Giggles* Thanks for the compliment on the new listings…. You can find out about your punishment for keeping secrets another time……

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Ha-ha…I got you good Kylie… :) You know that I can totally take any punishment that you choose to dole out too silly…

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