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The Party’s Over….

Hi guys :) Now, don’t go getting scared by my title above! I meant the holiday party, because that is indeed (finally!) over. The phone sex party, on the other hand, is totally just getting started! *Giggles* Or at least it will be, when I log onto Niteflirt at around 6 tonight. I just had to stop in and write you all a quick note cause it’s been forever since my last entry!

And you guys missed me, right? Good! Cause I can’t tell you how much I’ve been missing you! I’ve been missing playing on the phone….and doing my web stuff and updates…. I wish I could say I’ve missed making my pussy cum, but you all know me well enough to know I was still doing that while my Mom was here, right? Lol…. Well…not while she was here in my house exactly, I’m still a little bit too shy for that. :) But right after I dropped her off at her hotel every night? OMG I don’t think I’ve ever gotten naked that fast!! Ran in my front door, dropped my purse, dropped my panties and hopped right into bed to start touching my sweet lil pussy! Don’t think I’m kiddding, either! *Giggles*

More on that in a second though….cause I have to tell you about my weekend first. So…let’s see…. Well, my Mommy got here on Saturday morning, and after getting her checked into her hotel she wanted to go straight to the grocery store~to buy lots and LOTS of food to stock my kitchen AND so she could cook some meals for me to put in my freezer. Definitely a great part of having Mommy come to visit, cause now I don’t have to cook at all for like 3 weeks, I swear!

So we cooked (well, she cooked and I “supervised”, lol) and we went out for drinks, and we watched movies, “Pans Labyrinth”, which was all subtitled but *very* good, and a few others. The next couple of days we went shopping. Again. See, that’s another good thing about her visits~she likes to do a lot of shopping and buy me lots of things. But that’s also a bad thing about her visits~she likes to do a LOT of shopping and buy me LOTS of things. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped for 10 hours before! After a few hours, the thrill of getting prezzies kind of wears off a little, no matter how much I like being spoiled, you know? LOL!

We only did a little bit of gardening cause she said it was too damn hot outside, so instead of a grill and patio furniture, she bought me the Dyson vacuum cleaner that I’d been dying for but didn’t want to buy cause it was too expensive. Plus the groceries, and some clothes, and a few pairs of shoes, AND she brought me a genuine Louis Vuitton garment bag that she’s only used once that she thought I’d like! So all in all, it was a good visit. *Smiles* And now she’s gone again. *Sigh* So I don’t get to see her till we go to Palm Springs to visit my friend Nikki in July. *Sigh again* But it’s okay….after this visit I felt like I needed a rest! :)

So…back to the part about me touching my sweet lil pussy…. *Giggles* I did find myself WAY too horny to wait till tonight to start taking calls, so I logged onto Niteflirt late night Saturday night. And WOW did you guys keep me so busy!! I think I was up till ike 4am that night! Between all the yummy phone sex calls, and so many of you buying access to my new photo galleries, AND actually getting lots of chances to make my pussy cum…. I was a *VERY* happy lil girl! I even got some new wishlist prezzies! I swear, you guys are so good to me! I’m totally spoiled rotten and I’m totally loving it. *Smiles*

So let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention…. Okay, my pussy boy of course (Are you ready? Friday’s the day, and it’s coming up faster than you think!) my old friend Squeeze (What a blast from the past! Make sure you check your email, sweetie…I just wrote you this morning) My sweet MWAllan (I know it was you who sent me those prezzies, Mister…you might as well confess now before I have to tease it out of you~and you know how good I am at teasing you. *Giggles*) And my sweet Tex….who I hadn’t talked to in ages but I was so happy to play with! He also left me my favorite feedback which I’ll share below….but you can also read this on my Women Home Alone/Sex Listing:

I’ve always call Kylie on her hypnosis line, but the last time we talked (ages ago) she suggested I try her normal line the next time. I finally had the chance tonight and she is even better without the hypnosis. I’ll probably call the hypnosis line again occasionally, but Kylie has such a sweet voice and perfect imagination that I won’t be able to resist calling her on this line too. Whatever you are looking for, give Kylie a try. I think she’ll satisfy.

SO sweet! TY my luv! (Except…the “I think” part? You know you’re beyond doubting me, right? Lol… I’m just teasing….ty for the yummy call!)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls tonight, from 6pm or just after till at least 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! I swear if I don’t get to cum with an actual guy tonight and not just my vibrator? I won’t go into detail here…you get my point. :)

Bye for now!

6 Responses to “The Party’s Over….”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Glad to hear that you had so much fun with your Mom Kylie.
    And thanks *so* much for the priviledge of the two-girl call with Cece last nite!! I never knew that two young girls could be so naughty!!! I swear, I dunno how you two didn’t end up getting spanked after that performance last nite. Oh well, there’s always next time… ;)
    And tell Tee she’s been kicking some ass again with your new listings and photo galleries…you go girl… :)

  2. Kylie says:

    See???? You’re telling everyone!! I was going to talk about that when I write tomorrow…. And I still will even though you just ruined the surprise! So there! Lol…..

    You’re always jumping the gun, Mr Vitamins….you’d better be glad that you never “finish” too early when we’re actually playing the way you do here on my blog….otherwise I’d have to cut you off of sweet young barely legal pussy forever. Mine AND CeCe’s! *Giggles*

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Hmmmm…maybe I’ll get the spanking next time then… ;)

  4. allan says:

    damn kylie, that sounds hot. ive checked out cece’s listing, but never called. one doesnt NEED to venture away from kylie to have fun, but kylie AND cece, now that sounds like twice as much fun. i think my two girl fantasy has just returned, its been hiding for awhile. cece, if you’re reading this, hello, i might just have to call and see what you are all about. and kylie you’re gonna have to let me in on some details here babe. and you are so very welcome for the surprise.

  5. Kylie says:

    Hmmmm….well. I suppose I could let you in on some details….I was going to do that later today anyway. :) As long as you make sure to call me before you call CeCe, I think I could allow that. The you calling her part, I mean. And I’ll CERTAINLY allow you to talk to both of us sometime! We’ve been playing with some 2 girl ideas lately, actually….now we’re going to have to give this some more thought!

    TY for the prezzies, Allan….btw…. I’ll let you know when I get them. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

    PS Mr Vitamins? You’ll get your spanking later…don’t worry ;)

  6. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    I’ll be waiting and ready to make it up to you Kylie, and your sweet, bald, lil pussy of course. I *still* wasn’t as naughty as you two were the other nite though…lol… :)

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