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Yummy Eye Candy :)

Just some yummy eye candy for you guys till I have time to post again.

You guys like me as a naughty lil schoolgirl, right? The naughty, nasty lil schoolgirl who loves to suck and fuck and drain your balls completely dry? *Giggles* Good. I thought so. :) I promise I’ll write more later or tomorrow, but it’s almost 6:30 now, and since I’ve spent my whole afternoon teasing my pussy boy, if I don’t log onto Niteflirt now I’ll be WAY later than I am already! You know? :)

So…enjoy the pictures, let them get you super hard thinking of me, and then call me tonight!! I’ll be available and taking calls soon, from now until about 10 or 11pm EST. Bye for now!

5 Responses to “Yummy Eye Candy :)”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Very, very naughty Kylie…I’ll see you after class young lady!! :)

  2. Kylie says:

    I was wondering where you had been, Mr Vitamins….I should’ve known that some naughty schoolgirl pics would bring you out of the woodwork! *Giggles* No fair emailing me super sexy stuff to make my tight lil pussy all slippery wet, btw… I guess that just makes another mess you have to clean up? :)

    Let’s do it soon…..

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Yea, put it on my tab…I always pay up too…you know that Kylie. ;)

  4. Kylie says:

    But you’re already like, 5 pussy messes in debt now, Mr Vitamins!! Can I start collecting on more than one at once? So like you would lick my pussy 2 or 3 times the next time we play? :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  5. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Only 5?! I thought it was *much* more than that Kylie. I will do whatever the Kylie “Collection Agency” tells me to. :)

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