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I can never have too many…..

Hi guys :) Okay, I’m SO totally planning to make this a short note for now…cause I’m available and taking calls right now, and I usually don’t like to write notes to you guys while the phone is on and ringing and stuff. :) But….you know how it usually goes around here….I plan to write a short note, and then ten years and eight paragraphs later I remember I didn’t mean to? *Giggles* So. I guess we’ll see how it goes. :)

This week my Princess Day was good! I only had a pedicure and a little bit of shopping (Seriously! Only a little bit! Lol…) and then I went out to have drinks with Amanda. Which turned into a whole night excursion, 3 bars, and having to call her bf to come pick us up cause neither of us could drive home. Which, even though it was really embarrassing to have to call him, and even though I know Matt will never let me live it down for the rest of my life! It kinda reminded me of when I used to hang out with Erin. I miss her so much! *Pouts* And since she won’t be back for another couple months or so, it’s a good thing that I have a new party girlyfriend! Don’t you think? How else can I stay out till last call and flirt with lots of guys I’ve never met and not pay a single penny for all the drinks I want? *Giggles*

We were both SO hung over the next day though! Like seriously hung over!! So if you were wondering why I wasn’t on too late Wednesday night, that’s the reason. I was super tired, and I was working on yet another new phone sex website~PhoneSexGirlfriends.Com. Yes, I know, I have enough phone sex websites already! Lol…. I just got the idea for this one and I already had the domain and I found a really cool graphic theme I wanted to try and so I did. :) And then after I had it installed, I worked on it for like 6 hours yesterday. It probably would have taken me less time if I had waited till I wasn’t all hung over and headachey…lol…. Either way, I think it turned out really great! So if you have time, take a look at it and tell me what you think? It’s GFE phone sex (that stands for Girlfriend Experience) and since that’s the kind of phone sex I like the very best~well, besides naughty roleplay, that is…lol…. Anyway, just make me smile and go take a look. Pretty please? :)

And I guess that’s it! I spent most of my afternoon teasing my pussy boy, so I’m definitely in the mood to make my pussy cum before I go to sleep! *Smiles* To be honest, I already have had a few totally yummy calls since I logged on at 6. But there can NEVER be “too many” orgasms!! At least I can never have too many! *Giggles* So call me tonight!! I should be available and taking calls on Niteflirt tonight till at least 10pm EST, maybe later.

Bye for now!

PS I do have some yummy surprises for you guys…and they should be ready by the weekend. No more hints!! You’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure you’ll like them though. :)

One Response to “I can never have too many…..”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Try to take it easy on Amanda Kylie…you need to break your gf’s in slowly. :) Looking forward to your upcoming “surprises” too…
    Looks like a great set of girls that you have on your new website.

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