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WOW! What a weekend!

Hi guys :) I should tell you in advance that when I use the word “weekend” above, I mean MY weekend (Tuesday and Wednesday) not normal weekends like you probably think of them. But seriously, did I have so much fun the last few days! Of course I had lots and lots of phone sex calls on Monday~I’ll do favorite callers in a second~and that was awesome as usual! But my fun seriously got started on Monday night after I logged off.

Amanda had called me earlier and mentioned that she wanted to go out and have a few drinks, and at first I didn’t think I felt like it, cause I didn’t feel like driving, but then she called a little later and said she would have her bf drive us. Not that she would let him come out with us~just that he would drive us to the bar. And pick us up. And take us anywhere else we wanted to go after that. And how could I say no to a personal chauffeur? *Giggles* That’s right, I couldn’t….so she came over, and we got ready, and we went to a bar here in town to start drinking. I think we stayed till like…1am? Just talking and dancing and stuff. Maybe a little flirting with guys to get free drinks, lol….but not too much of that, she always says she feels bad for flirting since she has a bf at home. And no matter how ridiculous that sounds to me, I go ahead and listen to her cause I have fun hanging out with her. I guess I really do have to break her in slowly….lol…. We’ll see if she changes her mind about THOSE stupid ideas after going out with me a few times. LOL!

Anyway, all in all it was a pretty tame night, we ended up calling for our “driver” at about 1am and I just went home and went to sleep. No girly sleepovers, no having guys home after the bar, just me taking a shower and watching some TV before I fell asleep. *Pouts* GOD, I miss Erin sometimes!

That was just my “Friday” (Monday) night though. On “Saturday” (Tuesday), the new guy called me. And I know, I know, I’ve been saying that I’m not talking to him anymore….and I really haven’t been. I haven’t been answering his calls or emailing him back, or anything! But he called me, and reminded me it was his birthday that day….and I kind of felt bad for forgetting cause it seems like I’m forgetting everyone’s birthday this year. THEN he mentioned that he wanted to take me to the the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Tampa, and that he’d already booked a suite, and that he’d already invited me by voice mail like 4 times since last week (Told you I wasn’t talking to him a lot! I was even deleting his voice mails before I listened to them!) and would I please please go or else he’d have to go and gamble all by himself?

Again, how could I say no? *Giggles* I did pretend to be torn about it for a second, but while I was saying maybe, I was already packing my stuff in my head, lol… And so I let him pick me up and I had SUCH an awesome time!! I’d been to this hotel before, but it was a couple years ago, and I don’t think I remembered how nice it was! We had a beautiful suite with a balcony, and champagne from room service, and he gave me money to play the slots (I lost it all, but oh, well) and they even have a spa there so I got my nails and toes done so it could be a real Princess Day! :)

And….I finally slept a whole night in the same bed with him. And yes….I finally let him fuck me. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to! Come on, you know I’m a slut! I don’t know how I waited this long! (Besides, it was his birthday….lol….) And I’d been drinking champagne, and vodka tonics, and having so much fun, and I was super horny cause it’s been so fucking long since the last time I got fucked! And…it was actually good. Like yummy good. Like he made my pussy cum more than once good. Like, I may even do it again sometime soon good. *Giggles* I haven’t decided about that last part just yet…he still has some control issues that I’m not sure I want to deal with. But we’ll see. I won’t get all explicit about the actual sex here…I mean, I’ll tell you if you ask me~I just don’t want to get into too much detail in case some of you don’t want to hear about it.

But either way, I had a GREAT weekend!! It feels weird though~like, it was so busy, I’m kinda glad to be back? Hopefully you guys missed me lots and lots, and you’re not too mad at me for being a naughty lil slut this week? *Giggles* It’s almost 8pm now, and since I’m available and taking calls right now I think I’m going to wait and do favorite callers tomorrow. I’ll share my favorite feedback though before I go~it’s from my sexy Irish guy, and you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

I just can’t help it, I keep coming back for more and more. I will never tire of hearing Kylie say what she says and do what she does. Even though peace may at last exist on the beautiful island of Ireland that I call home, this sexy sensation has managed to cause one or two massive explosions that may well compare on the Richter scale to anything from those dark days of the past. In her own wonderful way this sweetheart always manages to send me to a peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams. Go raibh maith agat Kylie.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE sweet lil feedback notes like that? Lol… Makes me smile from ear to ear! (TY my luv!) Anyway, I guess that’s it. I’ll be taking calls on Niteflirt tonight till at least 9 or 10 pm EST, so call me tonight!! Bye for now!

2 Responses to “WOW! What a weekend!”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    I may be different than other guys, but I actually like (as in get sexually turned on) hearing a girl talk about her sexual episodes. And no I’m not mad at you for being a nughty lil slut. How can I be mad at you being you, especially the way you get me off. I mean how you build it up and do me BIG time.
    And like I said, I do like hearing girls tell their sex stories. And even if I never get the details, well I have an imagination ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    That’s so cool, Joe!! The fact that it turns you on when I’m a naughty lil slut, I mean…. I’ve been getting mixed reviews about this entry, and even though I feel bad for making the guys who have been negative about it angry with me? I like to always be truthful here in my lil corner of the web :) So….I’m glad you liked it. I ALSO hope you liked our naughty lil roleplay tonight….and my photo galleries…AND my sexy stories! *Giggles* Let me know when you have time….

    xoxo, Kylie

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