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A GREAT idea!!

Hi guys! :) I’m SO sorry about last night! Amanda called me kind of last minute, and I just decided that it might be a good thing for me to try to actually have a life sometimes? Lol… Cause I’m sure most have you have noticed that since Erin went away to the “spa”, I haven’t been going out as much as I used to last year…. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing! The whole partying with new girlyfriends thing, I mean :) I actually got home pretty early last night, probably around 1am~we just had drinks at her bf’s restaurant~free of charge of course! No flirting, no talking to guys, just margaritas and some appetizers and…well….more margaritas. *Giggles* Like I said, it’s a good thing. And at least I remembered to let you guys know so you wouldn’t be looking for me all night, right? *Grins*

And today, I’ve spent most of the afternoon teasing my pussy boy again. Well, teasing him and making him look at naughty pictures of naked girls on the internet…lol…. It’s WAY more fun to tease him with porn when I know he has a good week left of chastity. *Smiles* Don’t feel bad for him, either! (Not that you guys would…) I mean it, there’s only about a week left before he gets to cum again. Unless I decide to extend his “sentence” that is….lol….

Anyway, it’s already just after 6pm here, so I need to make this short and do favorite callers from the last few days so I can log on and have some yummy phone sex before Princess Day tomorrow! So here goes…. My favorite roleplayer Gun, who made me cum super fucking hard as usual with a naughty lil scene (TY sweetie!) My sweetie NW~I think I’ll call him the Storyteller from now on~and that’s all that needs to be said, I think! His stories….OMG I LOVE his yummy, sexy stories!! (TY so much, my luv! Check your email later…) A new friend of mine Jim, who not only let me get off on his totally naughty fantasy, but he ALSO let me play with his gf on Saturday. Which was *very* fucking hot!! Just FYI, anytime you guys want to let your wives or girlfriends call to play with me too? I’ll SO totally love it and get off on it! You know I love pussy almost as much as you do, right? :) Seriously…it’s been a long time since I actually got to taste a girl….and since I make my pussy cum thinking about it~a lot!~doing it over the phone is definitely the next best thing.

Jim also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below but you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

Wow. Everyone, this girl has a great voice, and an increadable imagination! She is also nasty as can be, she took my taboo roleplay and ran with it. She is the best I have spoken to on here or anywhere else! She is fun, exciting, and you can realy tell that she is having fun with the call and trying to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Do yourself a favor and call this one!!

And just one more favorite caller and my favorite feedback that he left me! It’s from my Pussy Lover, this one’s actually his thoughts on my sexy photo galleries, although we did have a totally yummy call after he checked them out! (TY for the yummy call, btw…) Anyway, you can also find this one on my Anything Goes Listing:

omg These are some of the hottest pics I have seen and they are of Kylie!! What more could you want? You get to see that pretty face. You can see just how lovely those round tits are. Check out those nipples, mmmmmm. And guess what? Kylie even lets you see just how pink her sweet little hole is. Really enhances my interactions with Kylie, to see her in ALL her glory.

SO sweet! (TY both so much!!) There are lots more guys I’d like to mention here, but as usual, there are still some of you who haven’t left me any feedback. Feel free to click that link and rate any past calls….it’s never necessary, but it does make your sweet lil girl smile….and of course, it makes you one of my *very* favorite callers whenever you remember to. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls tonight very soon, from 6:45pm till at least 10pm EST, probably later. So call me tonight!! You know tomorrow is Princess Day, so after tonight, you won’t be able to play with me till Wednesday. And I for one, think it sounds like a great idea for us to cum together before then! Don’t you think? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

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