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I just happen to be…..

Hi guys! :) Yes, I know it’s too late for me to be up and writing a lil note to you! Lol… But I just happen to still be awake, and I just happen to still be available and taking calls…..and I just happen to be still HORNY!! And….I just happen to be a lil bit bored cause it’s been a whole 15 minutes or something since the last time one of you guys called and made my pussy cum!!! *Giggles* I know, I’m impatient….but did you read the part where I said I was horny? Lol…. I did just get two yummy lil calls right after I wrote that last….but I still wanna cum some more, so? Same difference. LOL!

Anyway, so it’s the day after My Princess Day, and I have to say, it was a GREAT one this week! Lots and lots of shopping!! And I have a question for you, actually….. What do you buy for the girl who has everything already? Well. I thought I was starting to run out of things I needed. Seriously! Like the last few times I’ve been out shopping, I couldn’t figure out what I should buy, and so until now, I’d been just buying more panties, more perfume, more lip gloss, more bubble bath stuff…. You know, wasting money on more girly stuff cause I couldn’t make up my mind. You know how it is. :)

But this week, my Mommy asked me how I was liking my washing machine in my new house. And…since I wasn’t really *loving* it, and it was really old, and it belonged to my landlord, and he said I could throw the old one out if I got a new one…she sent me a Sears gift card so I could buy myself a new one! YAY!! I love my Mommy so much!! I got a new washer and dryer!! I mean, I had to buy my new dryer myself, but the washer was the more expensive part of the deal, so I was a *very* happy lil girl!!

Other than that….it was mostly “me time” this week. I caught up on some of my reading, I watched a couple of movies~“Shooter” (have I mentioned how much I ADORE Mark Wahlberg??!!) and “Black Snake Moan”. Both of which I LOVED and I totally think you should see. Especially “Black Snake Moan”…watch it and tell me if there’s anyone in it who reminds you of someone you know, lol…. I don’t usually completely lose my fucking mind (like she did) when I’m dying to be fucked…but the mental state is pretty much the same. *Smiles* So check it out if you have time.

And today, I’ve been available and taking calls, teasing my pussy boy as usual for the first part of my night, then a few more yummy calls….let’s see if I have favorite feedback from the last few days to share…. Okay, this one is from my Pussy Lover (again~TY my luv!), and it’s from my Blow Job Recording:

Wow was that HOT! For those times when Kylie is not on- line this is the next best thing. Our favorite little slut is really into sucking this guys cock and making him cum in her sweet mouth. You can almost sense the sweat on her forehead as she works those lips up and down that thick dick. Finished with a strong cum, then you hear her muffled voice as she talks with a mouth full of his hot sticky cum. Didn’t realize a recording could be so damn hot and sexy.

SO sweet!! Just in case there are still some of you out there who haven’t listened to me suck on a big huge cock and swallow some cum? You should definitely check that out by clicking the link above. I’ve really been meaning to make a new recording soon, and I know! I’ve been saying that forever….but for now, this is my favorite one and I know you guys will love it too!

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available till probably about 2am EST, so call me tonight! Actually, let’s make that 3:30 or 4 am EST….cause I keep getting more yummy calls as I’m writing this, so why not stay up and play a lil bit more before I go to sleep? *Giggles* If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 5 or 6pm EST tonight.

Bye for now!

One Response to “I just happen to be…..”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Wow what had you sooo horny tonight?
    Seems like getting off, just made you want more. I know how that can be….
    Based on my actions on Thursday 6/21, you can see how getting a little, made me want more, oh so much more.

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