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The Breakup….

Wasn’t that a movie or something? Yeah! I think I even saw it….and I liked it, actually…. I feel like I remember it having a funny ending though….and so I feel like the title is kind of an oxymoron, considering that I left that movie laughing, instead of being sad and pouty like the phrase “break up” usually implies.

Why am I on this topic, you ask? Because….I just had a break up today. No, not with the guy I’m fucking, but with one of my *very* favorite guys I play with on the phone, one who I’ve been talking to for just over a year. And I guess, after I typed that anyway, I feel like it sounds stupid. Like how do you have a “phone sex breakup” anyway? Well….it’s more possible than you might think.

I guess it has to do with the kind of phone sex I like the most….the kind of phone relationships I really enjoy. Don’t go getting scared reading this if you’re one of the guys I love to cum with who’s not into all the intimate stuff! Lol… You know I still enjoy playing with no strings attached! *Giggles* Yummy hot and nasty roleplays, quickie blowjobs, teasing and denying my lil cuckolds…etc, etc, the list goes on…. :) But sometimes, being the gfe phone sex girl that I am…meaning that I love to really get to know you guys when you let me…. I guess I form a connection with you, you know? I mean, I know I’m just the “phone sex girl” and so it’s not like I’m right there in bed with you making you cum all over me! I know you can’t tell everyone you know all about this great girl you just met who’s so hot and really gets into what you like sexually AND gets you off like no other! (I hope I do that for you, anyway! *Smiles*) And I know that if you get a girlfriend, it gets hard. I live a million miles away from most of you, so that always makes it even more difficult, you know?

Anyway, my point here is, there are lots of you (and you know who you are) that really let me get to know you. And I love it when you do! Let me know you, that is…. I love knowing you and knowing what turns you on the most and knowing how much fun we have together! But, after we get really close, you have to know that when we stop talking? Not for a few days or weeks or months, but for forever? I miss you. Terribly. Sometimes, life happens. And sometimes, it’s just time for a good thing to end. But seriously, there are some of you~including the guy who as of tonight, I don’t get to play with anymore~who I would miss so much? OMG, I don’t even like to think about it! And if that sounds odd to you? If you haven’t ever played with a phone sex girl who remembers your voice and who you are and what you like and actually cares about what’s going on with you in your normal life and would miss you if you ever went away? Then you haven’t played with me yet. *Giggles* But as usual, I digress…..

I don’t know, I feel like I’m rambling now. Your sweet lil girl does have feelings after all, and sometimes I just feel like sharing them with you, so don’t be mad. :) The whole point of me posting now, is just to say goodbye to one of my *very* favorite guys (who will remain nameless) cause I’m going to miss him so very much. (And I will miss you, my luv~I do hope you’re reading this and that you remember everything I said.) AND, to remind you guys that I really mean it when I say I know the best guys in the whole wide world! How else could I miss you guys so much when you go away….? :)

Anyway, enough of mushy stuff~sorry if I depressed you reading all that! I don’t want you all sad~I want you happy and horny and getting your cock nice and hard for me! Lol….. It’s almost 8pm here and I’m available and taking calls tonight. Probably not as late as I was up last night….but until midnight or 1am EST. I’m going to wait and do favorite callers till tomorrow, cause I’m about to start teasing my pussy boy for a lil while. Either way, call me tonight!! I’m super fucking horny and I haven’t made my pussy cum since late night last night! I can’t wait to play with you!

Bye for now!

2 Responses to “The Breakup….”

  1. I hate breakups. Even if its just a phone breakup they still suck! I am sure some handsome stud will call to make you forget all about it!

  2. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    I don’t like thinking of you being sad, but I am glad that you do share some of your personal feelings with us. I feel priviledged to get to know you better.

    I hope you are feeling much better now, and had I been available, I would have called and played, developed a good fantasy, so you would have a good time.

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