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Thank you *so* very much!!

Hi guys! :) First off, I have to start by telling you guys (again!) that you really are the sweetest guys in the whole wide world!! I wrote here yesterday only just to vent cause I was feeling a lil bit sad….and WOW did you guys go out of your way to make me feel better last night! Seriously….those of you who called just to talk to me and tell me hi and tell me that you read my post and you hoped I’d feel better soon? Thank you *so* very much!! It really means so much to me that some of you cared enough to cheer me up!!

And it actually ended up being a great night! Not only did I get sweet phone calls…..I got some super yummy ones, too! (Read between the lines~that means I got to cum a lot! Lol…) AND, at the end of the night (TY Mr Vitamins!) I reached 3000 points on my Anything Goes Listing!!! YAY!! I know the whole rating points thing seems silly to you guys, but it really makes me happy to see my rating rise. I guess it’s a stupid girl thing….but still! Lol…. Either way, it still makes me smile! :)

Now, for favorite callers….I stayed up taking calls way late on Wednesday AND last night, so I only hope I remember to mention everyone! Let’s see…. My pussy boy, of course, for several looong yummy calls every day this week. Remember how I kept saying it was almost time for him to get to cum? Ummm…yeah. He cheated and made himself cum 2 weeks ago~he finally just told me tonight. He said he waited to tell me about it cause “he forgot”. Yeah. Right. *Giggles* So I told him tonight that he doesn’t get to cum again till I say so, whether that’s next week or three weeks from now!! Bad little wanker……. I have some other “punishments” in store that I’ll share when I make him do them next week~so I hope when you read them, you’re just as amused as I am. :)

Okay, back to my favorites! (I know, I get so distracted sometimes!) My naughty roleplayer Gun (sorry for all the phone issues, my luv~I think I liked the ending more than you did!), my sweetie the Storyteller (TY for making me cum so many times! I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of our calls….I hope we get to do it again soon!) Mr Vitamins, who pushed me over the top to 3001 rating points (TY, my luv!) And of course, my sweet MWAllan…..he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. But you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

seriously guys, you all have no idea how amazing this girl is. even though its been a few weeks or more since we’ve last talked, the feeling in my heart for her doesnt fade away. shes a sweetheart of a person among the many other things she excels in. so nice to hear your voice again. take care my luv.

See? I told you I had a good night! *Giggles* And it’s a good thing, cause I’m in such a good, horny lil mood that I can’t wait to play a lil bit before I go to sleep tonight!! I’m available and taking calls on Niteflirt now, probably until midnight or 1am EST. So call me tonight!! I have a few naughty lil thoughts I can’t get out of my head….and how better to fix that than some yummy hot and nasty phone sex with you? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

5 Responses to “Thank you *so* very much!!”

  1. yummy! hehe good thing u got to cum a lot and your regs made you feel like a sweet Princess! I love it when this Princess gets good feedback and ratings…it lets Me know My regs really appreciate Me ;)

  2. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    OMG Kylie…you *so* need to punish your pussy boy HARD for cheating like that and not telling you. I have some ideas of my own for him too…lol!
    I enjoyed pushing your sweet behind over the top very much Kylie…it always feels good in my big hands… ;)

  3. BSP says:

    You rock girl! Like seriously, you do! You know I had to come here and publically thank you for the prezzie you sent me! See, as much as you get spoiled by your boys with loads of prezzies you still is generous enough to send one of your best girlyfriends (me! *gigglin’*) a prezzie.. You made me feel so special.. Thank you my dollface! And I will be sure to send you a pic. I know what raging lesbian hormones you have. LMFAO!!! Love ya girly and I will email you by tomorrow regarding the email you sent me. But the main important “thing” is done.. :) *kissies*

  4. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    mmmmmmm glad you are doing much better. I just LOVE it when you are all horny and getting yummy calls that make you all yummy inside and out.

  5. Kylie says:

    See? I love it when that happens….I go away for a day and I come back to find lots of love here in my blog! YAY!! It’s a good thing, too…I needed a little mood brightening (again, lol) cause I was SO sick all day yesterday! Like seriously sick, the “I couldn’t even sit up at my PC to check in here or take calls at all” kind of sick. *Grr*! As of now though, I’m feeling much better so I think (I THINK) I’ll be available tonight…..

    Trisha~so glad you stopped by! I haven’t been by your bog in a while, I’ll have to stroll over and see you when I’m back at the PC later this afternoon. :)

    Mr Vitamins~silly man :) I think I like your big hands on my sweet lil ass more than you do. *Giggles* We’ll discuss that further very soon….

    My TEE!! Yay! You like it!! I’m so glad. TY for fixing the thing for me~I’ll talk to you soon. Now everyone knows about my lesbian tendencies though! (Wait, I think they might have known already….lol….)

    And Joe~I love it when you stop by and see me! Did you know that comments on my blog are (yet another) thing that makes me feel all yummy and horny? Yeah…. I’m glad I’m feeling better cause now I just may have to go make my pussy cum. *Smiles* We’ll see…

    Anyway, I’m going to hop in the bathtub and try to get myself all rested and refreshed before 6pm so I can log onto Niteflirt. Bye for now!

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