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Happy Holiday!!

Hi guys! :) I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th! Mine was… Well? It was safe and happy, but I don’t know if it was that much fun, lol… Those of you who spend all winter dreaming of sand and sunshine and Florida beaches? Should totally feel better about the “trade off” around this time of year. We might not ever get snow, but this 4th of July, just like every one I can remember since 2003, was filled with thunderstorms and LOTS of rain and some small hail even. (No, I’m not kidding~for real!) Hurricane season is officially on it’s way. *Pouts*

So I spent the day inside hiding from the rain and watching a couple of movies~The Kovak Box (Totally weird but actually REALLY good! I don’t want to tell you too much and give it all away, but I think you’d like it.) And Elizabeth (I had never seen it, but I like historical stuff, especially stuff about the Tudor dynasty. I LOVED this movie!)

Once the sun went down we had a little barbeque in the backyard (Amanda, her bf, me, and a few friends) and then we drove down to the Pier on Tampa Bay to watch the fireworks from there. I don’t know, I guess I’m exagerrating here, cause I definitely did have fun! It just kind of sucked cause the day didn’t get started until after 6 or 7pm cause of the weather, you know? At least I didn’t get my usual hangover from drinking too many margaritas this year. *Giggles*

Anyway, it’s almost 5pm here and I’m already at the pc writing to you, aren’t you proud of me? :) It looks like I may actually be available and taking calls on TIME tonight for once! Lol… We’ll see~I do still have some web stuff to finish up before 6pm rolls around, but I’ll try my best. I need to do favorite callers before I go though, so let’s see….

My favorite phone sex virgin, for a long, totally yummy call! (TY sweetie!) I love how he lets me corrupt him and have my way with him…. My pussy boy of course, who’s still trying to be forgiven for his little *transgression* the other day. *Giggles* He kept thinking up ways that he might make it up to me, and then when I started loving them and laughing, he got all nervous and tried to take them back. Silly boy. He should know better than to encourage me. *Grins* I mean, I may be a sweet lil girl to REAL men like most of you, but to my poor lil cuckolds? All I ever need is a reason to be cruel. LOL! (Don’t feel bad for them either~I promise, they like it.)

Which brings me to my new lil cuckold D, who I hadn’t talked to in a while…. I answered the phone, and once I heard his voice, I just knew he was calling cause his gf had let him out of chastity so I’d get to tease him like I like to do. But I was wrong! I’m sure he was wishing that as much as I was, cause it turned out that his poor cock was still all locked up. Not only that, but he’s going on 5 weeks of chastity!! Yes, you heard me right! No cumming, no touching, no nothing for poor lil D…. And while it does make me giggle a lil bit to think of it, I have SO much respect for him for lasting so long! Cause as we all know, my favorite cuckold pussy boy has yet to make it even 4 weeks for me yet. *Hmph*. Read my comments on my last entry though….it seems pussy boy is finally starting to learn his place. *Smiles*

And…my favorite feedback….it’s from a new friend, PD, and I think it’s so sweet! I read this as I was waking up on My Princess Day, and it totally made my morning! (TY, sweetie!) I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

I have a confession…Kylie was my FIRST experience on here. since, I’ve tried several more voices, but no one came CLOSE to the intense sensuality of Kylie. She’s the best. Her voice is sweet and youthful sounding, she’s articulate and imaginative. Kylie eagerly and enthusiastically dove into all of my fantasies (which were quite a few on this incredibly erotic call). She was understanding when I fumbled with the phone, accomodating to my desires. Incredibly sexy, sultry, sensual voice…just writing about her is giving me another throbbing hard-on with the memory of our chat. 5 Stars PLUS!!!

And I guess that’s it! Like I said, I should be available and taking calls on Niteflirt tonight from 6pm till 10 or 11pm EST, maybe later. So call me tonight!! I will confess that I have made my pussy cum already once today…but that’s a good thing, right? Getting my fingers all slippery and getting my pussy all warmed up to play with you tonight? *Giggles* Good. I thought so.

Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot~Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet B12!! I hope you have a great one, but be warned…you might be due for some birthday spankings *very* soon, mister….

4 Responses to “Happy Holiday!!”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    I can empathize with D’s predicament. I am no stranger to chastity and chastity devices. To be locked up for such a long time, and added to that your hot girlfriend (who denies you) wantonly gives it to another? And being forced to watch her flaunt her infiedelity in your face? OMG, truly terrifying. D…best of luck, hang in there. To all you REAL men: please, please never take forgranted the treats and benefits you receive from your gorgeous women!

  2. Kylie says:

    But pussyboy~there’s one HUGE difference between you and my cuckold D….he actually listens and complies when he’s told not to cum! See? So that means, that not only are you most definitely NOT a REAL man, you’re the lowest on the totem pole of pussy boys and cuckolds, even! *Giggles* You already knew that though, didn’t you? :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. cuckold d says:

    I keep reading and reading this and all I can think about is the REAL men that spend their time trying to take for granted the fact that they turn her into a total slut. I have watched the humiliation first hand, and now it is flaunted at every turn. I and hanging (or stiffening) for now, but I was promised that it would be worth it!!! I can’t wait. Thank you Kylie for helping me display my story.

  4. Kylie says:

    It WILL indeed be worth it, D… It will definitely be worth the wait!! I know I’ve left you hanging, but I’ve been busy enjoying my Princess Days! And do you really expect me to put my fun on hold for a chastised lil cuckold like yourself? I don’t think so!! *Giggles* I’m just teasing….expect your assignment *very* soon, my (not so) little one. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

    PS Keep your cock *stiffening* for me in the meantime….. Just cause you can’t cum just yet, doesn’t mean I don’t want you hard for me while I make you wait…..

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