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So HOT!!

Hi guys! :) Wasn’t I just complaining about the rain a week ago? OMG, it’s so fucking hot and humid here this week, I can barely stand it! This is the first place I’ve lived since I moved to Florida that isn’t really near any water….and I guess I had gotten used to the breezes or something? Cause I don’t remember it ever being this bad!! It’s okay though~it’s not really ever too hard for me to cool off around here. Cause when it gets too hot? I just start taking off my clothes! *Giggles* So as I write this lil note to you, I’m wearing nothing but a purple tank top and some black boyshort panties…. And in case you didn’t already know, I always love to have an excuse to get naked….

Anyway, even though it’s been burning up the last few days, I did still manage to have a yummy Princess Day! A little bit of shopping in the morning, then I had lunch with the new guy, and then we came back here to watch a movie, The Last Time, which I won’t tell you anything about except that you HAVE to see it! OMG it was SO good! And before you ask, no, there was no sex with the new guy this week, lol…. A little bit of kissing, but then I wanted to take a nap and he had to go to work, so no sex and no orgasms. *Pouts* He’s supposed to take me out on Sunday night though, so maybe soon….and if that happens, of course I’ll tell you all about it (as usual.) :)

What else have I been up to? Well, I did just add some new pics to my photos page last night! Well, Tee did it for me (TY TEE!!), but you know what I mean. :) I replaced set 1 with a whole new set of pics, and I added another *new* set with some of my schoolgirl pics that you guys like so much, AND a few other surprise goodies. So check them out if you haven’t already! And remember, if you already have access to my *complete* gallery, you get to see all of these new pics for free.

And…I guess that’s it! I’m going to end this now, cause right after I started writing here, I took a lil break to tease my pussy boy a lil bit. (No, I still haven’t let him cum, either! LOL!) Anyway, as of now, I’m totally late! And since (most of the time) I don’t get to make my tight lil pussy cum while I tease him…it’s about time for me to log onto Niteflirt and play with some of you REAL men! Don’t you think? *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, from 7pm till at least 11pm, but probably much later. So call me tonight! Give me a yummy excuse to take the rest of my clothes off….lol….. I do still need to do favorite callers from last night, but hopefully you guys will forgive me if I wait on that till tomorrow? :)

Bye for now!

2 Responses to “So HOT!!”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Did you know that in order for me to see the full size image of one of your pics from your gallery, (what a mouthful)

    I click the thumbnail and get a blank screen.
    If I then do a re-fresh – the full size image appears

    Didn’t know if this was how it is supposed to work or if Tee needs to take a look at it.

    Anyway, I really love the new pics. I mean you know I like looking at you, but some of the new stuff is HOT.
    Yes just viewing them, I enjoyed myself and achieved a full release.

    Now I’m looking into It’s a Daddy Thing –
    Did you know that there are 3 of them? Daddy Thing, Daddy Thing 2 and Daddy Thing 3

  2. Kylie says:

    Hmmm…thanks for the heads up. I’ll mention it to Tee when I speak to her next. When I originally put the galleries up, I scrolled through every picture and enlarged them all to check-this time I wasn’t so meticulous, as I’m sure you can already tell :) Either way, TY!

    And yes, I know ALL about “It’s a Daddy Thing” and all it’s sequels. *Giggles* My friend who sent me 1 and 2 just sent me the third installment a couple of weeks ago, along with a few other ones. I haven’t watched the third one yet though…I need to get on that….

    xoxo, Kylie

    PS I’m SO glad you loved the new pics! And I’m even more glad that they made you cum for me! (Making you cum for me is always a *very* good thing.) :)

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