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Summer Nights…..

Hi guys! :) Yep, in case you didn’t know, it’s another late, hot, sexy Summer night for your sweet lil girl…. Last night, I stayed up taking calls till just after 5am EST~technically, I was ready for bed at about 2 or 3, but at about that time, guys started calling my Financial Domination listing. And so I figured, if there are losers up that late who are willing to pay me $3.99 per minute just for me to laugh at them and make them send me money and beg me to cum? *Giggles* Then I might as well stay up and take advantage of them, right? Lol…..

Anyway, so like I was saying….last night was WAY busy!! And I LOVE it when my phone rings off the hook like that! I especially love it when I get the chance to play with some of my favorite guys who I haven’t talked to in a while (I’ll do favorite callers in just one sec.) I stayed up super late, and so I slept in super late, and I don’t think I logged on till just after 9pm tonight! And because I got such a late start, I’m still *seriously* horny for phone sex! You understand, don’t you? Lol….

SO. Favorite callers….let’s see…. My sweetie the Storyteller, for a few yummy calls, actually! He’s one of my *very* favorite guys, cause he knows exactly what makes my tight lil pussy wet. And, cause he doesn’t mind taking the time to let me really enjoy myself! AND, cause he makes me cum SO fucking hard, of course! *Giggles* (TY, my luv!) My new friend, I’ll call him London, for a nice looong call. (Just call me “baby” a few more times the way you know I love it…and I just might propose!)

Let’s see…who else….my favorite TR (Who knew reaching for my vibrator could be so dangerous? LOL! I missed you SO much, mister….don’t make me wait so long next time. Pretty please?) And of course my pussy boy…when isn’t he one of my favorites though? How can it not be fun to tease and control a lil dick cuckold till he can’t control himself and can barely see straight? *Giggles*

I also have favorite feedback…this one is from a new friend, Vox. I’ll post it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing.

Thank you, Kylie. I appreciate what you did for me so much. I know that…. well, just thank you. To all who decide to call her, know that she is well worth her price. I can not recommend her high enough. She’s very good at the game of Love. :)

SO sweet! (TY my luv! Check your email….) And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt until 3 or 4am or so, maybe a little later. So call me tonight! I need to cum some more before I go to sleep….. If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 5 or 6pm EST.

Bye for now!

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