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SO sweet! But cruel…..

Hi guys! :) Yes, I’m finally logged on tonight, I’m so sorry to those of you who were looking for me earlier! As I’m sure you all know, hurricane season is starting here in Florida, so for a large part of the afternoon and early evening, your sweet lil girl was *totally* without power. Which meant, no air conditioning, no computer, no TV, and most importantly, no phone. *Pouts* I hate it when the weather gets bad like this! Rainy days are one thing, but serious thunderstorms that knock out my electricity are quite another!

The upside of it is….when faced with a total power outage, I can do one of two things. Either I can take a nap~only I had just woken up from one when the lights went out, lol…. OR, I can start thinking sexy thoughts and start rubbing my sweet lil bald pussy. *Giggles* And since I already gave you the backstory, I guess you know which one I chose, right? :)

SO….I was all alone in the dark in my bed, I got completely naked really quickly! And then I started touching my pussy. And thinking, of course. Thinking about sexy stuff that would get me all wet….. And after I thought for a while~after I actually made myself cum, I mean, lol…. I realized that all the things that were turning me on the most kinda had a recurring theme. And that almost never happens~as far as I can remember, anyway! Usually when I’m all off in “fantasy dreamland” the things that cross my mind are so varied it almost doesn’t make sense! *Giggles*

But today….maybe it was cause I had so much time on my hands I dragged it out longer….maybe it was cause I had to only use my fingers cause my favorite japanese boyfriend vibe runs on electricity instead of batteries! Lol…. Either way, the thoughts I was having were definitely sweet! But they were also…cruel.

For example, I’m a slutty lil teenage girl who teases her next door neighbor constantly…flashing my tits at him, smiling and waving while I know he’s watching. But when I finally get close enough to let him fuck me, I’m totally the one in charge! I make him stroke while he watches me take my clothes off, I make him lick my pussy, and then I make him sit still while I ride him at *my* pace. Slowing down and speeding up and making him wait to cum in me till I’m completely satisfied. See? Sweet…but cruel.

Or….I’m bringing a guy home from the bar, and he’s totally thinking I’m just a willing lil slut, so he starts telling me what he wants. And I start touching him….putting my hands in his pants…just making sure that his cock is rock hard for me. But when he wants to fuck me, I sweetly explain that I definitely want him to, I just need him to lick my pussy for a little while first. *Giggles* So of course he does, but I don’t just stop at one orgasm. I make him keep his face between my legs long enough for me to cum at least twice! And afterwards…I tell him I’ll only let him cum if he lets me watch him stroke it. Yeah, I’ll let him touch me while he does, but I’m not going to let him put it inside me. The upside of this is~I get to have him cum all over my chest or my face, which you all know I love! But still: sweet….but cruel.

I couldn’t get much farther than that in my thinking, cause after that last one I was just too ready to cum and I couldn’t help myself! And I don’t think the *cruel* parts were too cruel, do you? I’m thinking that most of you would still totally LOVE either of the scenes I painted above. :) But I’m also thinking…that I kinda like this whole “being a Princess” thing! And I especially like the way that thinking about it makes my pussy cum so fucking hard! Lol….

K. Favorite callers…my pussy boy of course, my sweetheart Vox, my sweetie LB (I haven’t checked yet, but I’ll do it soon…I still don’t think it can happen the first time!), my sweet Lix (I’m glad you enjoyed it, I was waiting for you to actually let me do it!) and my pussy lover, whose feedback I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

This woman impresses me every time. We talked a little and out of the conversation she came up with a nasty little fantasy. She then played it very well. I got off in a very big way, and I think she enjoyed it too. It is amazing that after all this time, and so many phone calls, she still keeps it fresh, interesting, and different. This is why I call Kylie a lot, why I will continue to call her, and why I encourage you to call her. Kylie you rock my world.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt tonight till at least 11pm, maybe a little later but I don’t know yet. I have a million things going on tomorrow on Princess Day, so I may need to get to sleep earlier than normal. Either way, call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 6pm on Wednesday. Bye for now!

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  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    Doesn’t sound “cruel” to me to have a sweet, lil girl get what she wants Kylie… ;)

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