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It has to be done….

Hi guys! :) I’m just writing a quick note before I log on to start taking calls tonight, but I feel like I should apologize in advance for what I’m about to talk about here, cause I’m thinking that most of you won’t be interested….lol…. But as I said above, it has to be done, so keep reading.

This week, I finally (finally!) went to see the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

And if you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up in my phone sex blog? Well. It’s cause I feel like it. *Giggles* And cause I have opinions that I feel like sharing…and you guys always tell me you like to read about my thoughts, don’t you? Lol…. Anyway, back to the movie. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say…ummm…it was really long. Really, REALLY long! And, the special effects were awesome! My problem with it though, was that there was SO much of the book left out! I mean like, important parts of the story that really needed to be in there. So…even though I left feeling kinda let down? I’ll say that if you haven’t read all the books like I have~YES. GREAT fucking movie!! If you have read them? Skip it till it comes out on video and save yourself the trouble.

Anyway, seeing that movie with Amanda, having my nails and my toes done (I have pretty lil pink and green flowers on my toes this week~I went to a new manicurist), and doing a little bit of shopping~that pretty much sums up my Princess day. On Wednesday though, my new Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) got here in the mail! Are you seeing why I felt like writing about this now? I’ve been on serious Harry Potter overload all week! Lol….

So, I did log onto Niteflirt for a little while, only for a couple of hours, and WOW did I have fun playing with you guys last night!! I was super busy the whole short time I was available…and that’s always a *very* good thing. *Smiles* I played with my pussy boy of course, and my naghty roleplayer Gun, and my lil toy Willie….. But then I logged off to have dinner, and take a shower, and then settle down to reading again. So, from midnight to 6am, I stayed up and finished that whole book. Seriously, all 759 pages cause I just couldn’t stop! That’s another thing you guys might not know about me, btw….I absolutely love to read, and I read FAST. I’m not talking about that speed reading, skimming, skipping pages type of “reading fast”, either. I read every single word and actually retain it all….this is actually the second book I’ve read since Monday. Just more silly trivia for your store of “Kylie secrets”…lol….

My point here is, even though it made for a *very* sleepy sweet lil girl this morning, OMG it was SO worth it!! And I’m not telling you anything about how it ended either! The only thing I will say, is that if you do decide to read it? Read the other books first, please? There’s SO much backstory going on that if you try to just pick this one up and get into it, you’ll be completely lost. AND it won’t be nearly as much fun. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls all night, from 6:30 or so until at least 10 or 11pm EST, probably much later. So call me tonight!! I did just make my pussy cum before I sat down to write here~but the funny thing is, I’m still fucking horny! (Imagine that? *Giggles*) I wanna cum some more tonight…..

Bye for now!

3 Responses to “It has to be done….”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    OMG Kylie…you “cheated” on your Asian porn star manicurist?? How could you?! Did she ever take the bait and start taking phone sex calls like she was thinking of? ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    No, as far as I know, she never did….but I haven’t seen her in a while, so who knows. I’d been seeing another chick at that shop before I “ventured out” to a new place this week…lol….

    Besides, my regular girl doesn’t know how to do pretty acrylic flowers on my toes like this one does! So I don’t feel too bad about it. *Giggles*

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    And when do we get to see these pretty acrylic flowers on your pretty, sexy and lovable toes?

    Yeah, I had fantasies about you and the little Asian porn star manicurist.

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