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*BAD* lil girl….

Hi guys! :) Yep, you read it right, I’ve been a *very* bad lil girl the last couple of days. In fact, I was such a bad girl on Thursday night, that I was too tired to even log on and take calls on Friday! And can I just say that it’s SO not fair that having fun and being bad takes so much energy? *Giggles* I’m being serious! I slept for 12 straight hours! So for those of you who were looking for me last night and earlier today, I’m so sorry I missed you! But now you know, I wasn’t out doing anything exciting~I was just sleeping. And, yes, I know that’s a boring way to spend a Friday night! (I keep telling you guys I’m getting old…lol…) But the upside of it is, that now I’m totally rested, and happy, and in a great mood to have some yummy phone sex tonight! :)

I guess I haven’t told you about Thursday yet, though….. Well. The first part of the night was pretty normal for me…some yummy sex calls, a few naughty lil roleplays… I was in a great mood cause I got to make my pussy cum a few times, but I was also thinking I might log off before Midnight because I was feeling a little sleepy. But then? The night got really interesting.

First, I had a looong, yummy cuckold call on my new Cuckold Confessions listing. And WOW, was that so much fun! Just talking about what turns him on, why he likes to be controlled by women, and letting my *evil* lil mind come up with fun ways to humiliate him! And of course my favorite part, making him wait for my permission to cum! *Giggles* I love playing with my lil cuckolds, they’re so much fun!

Then, it was time for a hot lil roleplay with my new friend Jerker. I’m not going to go into details about that call here…suffice it to say it was very much fun, and very fucking hot, and quite honestly the most original roleplay I’ve ever had the the pleasure of cumming to! (Seriously, I mean it! *Giggles*) Anyway, not only did he give me a sexy call that I’ll always remember, he also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is astoundingly good. I had a very particular fantasy in mind when I called her, and although I failed to articulating it in an efficient manner, she jumped all over my idea and painted the exact mental image I’d secretly harbored. She had me drooling all over her hand — literally — while we played out the rest of it. Thank you, my little “nymph,” for indulging me.

SO sweet! (TY for that, my luv. Don’t be too jealous…I’ll let you cum in my mouth anytime! Lol…) But the night was FAR from over! Next, I got to play the forced intoxication game with a guy who was sweet enough to call me for it on my Financial Domination line! *Smiles* I think I lost count of how many shots I made him drink before I finally let him cum…lol! SO much fun though! AND, it got me all warmed up for my next (and last) call of the night…which just happened to be my Pussy Boy. He called me already wasted, but since I was all in “domme headspace”, I thought it would be a great idea for him to drink some more. And some more…and some more….. *Giggles* I didn’t make him drink all alone, though~I had a couple of glasses of wine myself cause we were having so much fun.

So…a few hours, a 2 girl call with one of my best girlyfriends, a few more drinks, and a *large* yummy cash treat later (*grins*) I was feeling like he deserved a treat, so I was going to let him cum. It had been so long since I let him last time….and he was being so adorable! But right when I started to tell him that, I heard….silence. And then…I heard snoring. LOL! Seriously! He actually fell asleep on me! I mean, I guess it was 6am by then….but still! That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me on Niteflirt…. I did try to wake him but then I disconnected so I could go to sleep myself. I think the phrase, “You snooze, you lose” is very appropriate here, don’t you? Cause I don’t think I’ll even be thinking about letting him cum for a very long time! :)

And that was it! That was my big, long, crazy bad girl night and it was so much fun! I’m so glad I got so much sleep last night to recover from it, cause I didn’t get to cum all day yesterday and I’m like, crazy horny right now!! I’ll be available and taking calls from 7:15pm till at least 11 or midnight EST tonight, maybe later. Maybe a LOT later~if one of you wants to make me your bad lil girl tonight, that is…. *Giggles*

Bye for now!

4 Responses to “*BAD* lil girl….”

  1. Mister Vitaminalious says:

    That’s funny about having someone fall alseep on a call with you Kylie…now you know how it feels from my end that one time…lol… I know *you* would never do that to me though. :)

  2. Kylie says:

    Of course I wouldn’t! I might talk nonsense if I was in the process of falling asleep on you though! Lol…. And I guess only you would know if I’ve ever done that…..

    I don’t think I have yet….have I??? LOL!

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    He really should be punished for falling asleep on our princess Kylie

  4. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    2 girl call?
    Missed that the first time.
    You will have to expand on that one my dear, I mean it sounds just so, I don’t know,


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