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Lost in thought….

Hi guys! :) I swear, all day today I feel like my head’s been in the clouds or something. Like every time I have a moment of silence…in the space between songs in my ITunes, (I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson right now, just fyi) or earlier today during the TV commercials…. And I stayed in my bath for like forever this afternoon, just cause I couldn’t stop thinking! And don’t ask me about what, cause I couldn’t tell you. I think if I even tried, we’d be here till tomorrow night before I got done. *Giggles* So the short answer is, stuff. I was thinking about lots and lots of stuff. It sounds so innocent, doesn’t it? Lol… The thing is, even though all my “trains of thought” pretty much always started out innocent? After a few seconds, they quickly turned very naughty!

I guess you already know that thinking naughty thoughts all day long kind of goes along with the whole “phone sex girl” thing… Wait. Maybe I should listen to what I just said and not read so much into it when it happens. LOL! It gets SO hard not to though, cause it seems like the simplest little things can set me off! Like…hearing the end of a song and remembering the guy I was fucking when it used to be on the radio. Or…getting dressed after my bath and putting my panties on, and remembering who I was planning to wear them for when I bought them. Stuff like that.

My point here is, getting lost in thought for me isn’t always as simple as realizing that it’s happening and moving on! Cause lately~well, for as long as I can remember, actually~ it almost always ends in me touching my sweet lil bald pussy…or at the very least stroking my nipples to make them hard. (WOW do I love the way that feels!) And 2 times today already, actually getting out my favorite vibrator and making myself cum! *Giggles* But after writing it all here, now I’m thinking maybe it’s not necessarily such a bad thing, after all….. :)

Anyway….new subject. *Smiles* Last night was another totally fun time for me on Niteflirt! I had SO much fun in fact, that I stayed up taking calls till just after 5am. See? I told you I’m loving my new late night schedule! Lol…. Let’s see if I have favorite callers…. My storyteller (I still think it’s unfair that you always do that to me, Mister! I love every moment of it, but still!) My favorite TR (Don’t worry about the sound, my luv~I mean it. I think I like teasing you though….lol…) And a new friend, Spanky, who let me play one of my very favorite roleplays in the whole wide world! He also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

OMG, Kylie’s voice will drive you nuts! Unbelievably sweet and innocent sounding, she quickly lets you know she is anything but. Kylie IMMEDIATELY picked-up on my fantasy and RAN with it much to my enjoyment. Once I was ‘done’ with the call Kylie didn’t try to extend it through b.s. chatter. Rather, she said goodbye in her sweet, little girl voice and we parted ways – until next time which cannot come soon enough! Kylie, thank you so much for a wonderful first call; I can’t wait to have many more with you.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love reading sweet feedback notes like that? *Smiles* I’m teasing, I know you guys already know how much I love them. But when I read one like the one above, I can’t help but tell you again. :) (TY for that, sweetie! I’m looking forward to playing with you again soon!)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, probably until 11pm EST. Maybe a little later, we’ll see how it goes. So call me tonight!! I’m sure that some of you have some naughty lil thoughts in mind for me, don’t you? *Giggles* I sure hope so! Cause remember, tomorrow is my Princess Day, so if you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to wait and look for me on Wednesday evening. Bye for now!

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