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Lil girl up late…

Hi guys! :) Yep, your sweet lil girl is up super late, once again, so I thought I’d write you a quick note before my night is over. I’m available and taking calls now, I guess I have been since about 9:30. I spent most of tonight playing with my new favorite FS (don’t worry about the “dessert” either, my luv….There’ll still be plenty left over! We can have “cinderblocks” for dessert….what do you think? Lol…)

Anyway, before that, I was teasing (and denying, of course!) my poor, chastised lil pussy boy for a nice, loong yummy call. And before that, I was out at Best Buy picking up my brand new PC. Remember when I said my monitor was all screwy this weekend? Ummm…yeah…. Apparently, the issue was really my sound/video card in my old PC. And since that “spoiled lil girl/instant gratification” thing reared it’s head again…. *Sigh* I had to go out and buy myself a brand new computer. I absolutely love it though! It’s SO much faster!! And lots more memory. My only complaint is this whole Vista business…. Did you know you can only get Vista on new computers now? *UGH*. Definitely takes some getting used to. But overall, I’m *very* pleased. And spoiled! Yet again. *Giggles*

Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s another one from my sweet, sweet pussy lover, and I’ll share it below. You can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie really ‘gets’ me. She has a way, where she engages me in small talk, but what she’s really doing is learning what turns me on at a deeper level than even I understand. And since she’s so naughty and sometimes loves it nasty, she can quickly set a scene that makes me take off. Kylie knows just how to play a fantasy, to ride it along building the excitement. Hearing her sweet voice describe the sexy things she’s doing to me or wants me to do to her, its just so yummy. Then we reach the point where she pushes me over the top and I’m drained and enjoy the feeling all nite long.

(TY my luv!! You “get” me too, you know that already….but now you know all my secret tricks! *Giggles* I’ll make sure to have more up my sleeve next time…) And I guess that’s it! I’m going to be available and taking calls all night tonight, probably till 3 or 4am EST. So if you’ve been missing me, and you’re still up and horny? Call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 6 or 7pm EST tomorrow. Bye for now!

I’m Pleased…..

I guess I could even go so far as to call it “happy”! I’m talking about my mood, just so you know… And since I know you guys always have such dirty minds when you’re reading here, I’ll tell you right now that it has nothing to do with sex! *Giggles* Or phone sex, for that matter, as the case may be…. I don’t know, I just woke up this morning with a smile on my face, in the best little happy mood! *Shrugs* But since I’m usually most definitely not a morning person, it was a *very* good thing. :) The weird thing is, it moved beyond just happy and actually became productive…lol…. I went for my walk, then I came home to start my research for school next semester (*ugh*, lol) and then I did all the boring house stuff that I usually save for Tuesday afternoons. Which means, that I’ll probably stay up and be available taking calls longer than I originally planned to, since I won’t have to wake up so early tomorrow. I don’t know yet, we’ll see how it goes. :)

Last night however, I was NOT in such a good mood. Well, for the first part of last night, anyway. I came out to my lil office just after 6pm and turned on my computer, only to find that my computer monitor~the one that came with my brand new computer that I bought last May!~was totally and completely dead. All these crazy blurry lines and wavy colors all over the place. And even though I have another desktop…and my laptop in my bedroom…I’m kind of an “instant gratification” type of girl. *Smiles* (And don’t you dare call me spoiled!) So I ran out to Circuit City and bought myself a huge new 22 inch flatpanel LCD widescreen monitor right before they closed. YAY!! This thing is so awesome! And I’ve been wanting one forever but I had no excuse to buy one till now. Problem is, now I think I may need a new desk, too… LOL! I’ll see about that on Tuesday….

Anyway, even though it kinda pissed me off (I hate bad surprises!), between getting my new monitor and talking to my favorite FS for a nice loong yummy call, your sweet lil girl was in a WAY better mood before bedtime. I don’t know what it is about him, even the “non sex” parts of our conversations are always SO much fun!! (I’m still working on that “cinderblock”, Mister. Maybe we can put it away in a closet or something on Wednesday? Lol…) That’s one of my favorite things about phone sex, I think…when I really get to know someone and let them get to know me…. The personal aspect of it, I guess. Well, that and I’m such a slut, I love being able to make myself cum lots of times every night. *Giggles* But you know what I mean.

Let’s see if I have any favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s from my sweet, sweet pussy lover. *Sigh* How I adore these sweet lil feedback notes! (TY sooo much, my luv!) I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie played a great fantasy with me. Her role play was different than I had experienced in the past, and I attribute that to her great imagination. I could listen to her sweet voice all night long, especially when she talks nasty and dirty. She described a scene so real, I felt it. Kylie brought me along till I couldn’t hold back any longer, then pushed me over the edge at just the right moment. I came so good, I was drained mentally and physically. Thank you sooo much for that yummy experience!

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls from 7:30pm or so till 11…or 12…or maybe later, who knows? *Giggles* If you see me online, then call me tonight, no matter HOW late it is! Cause I haven’t made my pussy cum at all so far today…and I’m thinking it would be good to fix that before my Princess Day tomorrow. Don’t you think? *Smiles*

Bye for now!

PS Before I go…I was browsing some of the girls’ blogs that I link to before I logged off. And I ended up at Abby’s Blog. Whicn turn, led me here, to Rent A Dildo. Ummm…. EWWW!! Gross!! But I still had to share it with you guys. *Giggles* (Thanks so much for the not so sexy visual, Abby…lol….)

At a loss for words….

I know, that never happens to me, right? *Giggles* The title just seemed appropriate cause I’ve been planning to sit down and write here all afternoon, and now that I’m finally done with all my stuff and actually doing it? I can’t remember what I wanted to say! Lol… So I guess for now, this will be a quick note to say hi to you, and tell you what I’ve been up to since I wrote last. It’s been a pretty crazy few days, though~I don’t even know where to start!

Let’s see… Well, Thursday I spent most of the afternoon teasing my pussy boy (we had quite the conversation about cock size…lol….) which is always lots of fun, but as usual~no orgasms for me. *Pouts* None for him either!! But still. So of course, I had to stay logged on so I could make my pussy cum with some of you REAL men. :) And, because I can never have too many orgasms, lol, I was available and taking calls until almost 6am Friday morning! I probably have some favorite callers to mention, so let’s see…

My new favorite FS for a looong, yummy call (Keep teasing me that way, and see what happens, Mister! Lol… I’m sorry I missed you last night….) My sweet roleplayer Gun (That one was very yummy, my luv! Shaking is a good thing, I think!) My sweetheart Jim, who not only made my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard! (TY sweetie!) But also left me my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

wow,The best and dirtiest roleplayer on NF. Her voice is ammazing but her words are even better. Ammmmmmmaaaaazing!!!

And, last but not…well, actually, he is least (*Giggles*) is my new toy Lil Dick Larry. WOW, did I have so much fun teasing him! See, Larry has a tiny lil dick. And I don’t mean “average, just not huge”, I mean seriously tiny and pathetic! So while I talk to Larry, I get to tease and laugh and make fun of that puny lil thing. OH, but that’s not all! Larry has a bad habit of doing things to make Me angry…and every time that happens, I just hang up on him. Yep, I just end the call and tell him to call me right back. Of course, while Larry’s busy dialing, I’m busy raising my rates. *Smiles* By the time I was done humiliating him, we were up to $30 a minute. (No, that’s not a typo.) So let’s just say it was a *very* profitable evening at Larry’s expense. LOL! I know, it sounds uber-bitchy…but small cock humiliation is fun!!

Anyway, so after my late night, I was a lil bit tired the next day. Slept in late, talked to my pussy boy again for a looong yummy call (and a *large* yummy cash treat, of course!) and then I pretty much took the rest of last night off. I know I missed a couple of arranged calls, I’m really sorry if you were looking for me! The bright side is that you’ll definitely be able to call and play with me tonight! :) I’ll be available and taking calls from 8:15pm or so until 11 pm or Midnight, maybe later. So call me tonight! I’m going to end this now cause this post is WAY long already~and didn’t I say this was just going to be a short note? How in the world did I think I was at a loss for words? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

Any fantasy is a GOOD fantasy….

Fan·ta·sy [fan-tuh-see, -zee]

  • imagination, esp. when extravagant and unrestrained.
  • the forming of mental images, esp. wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing.
  • to form mental images; imagine; fantasize.

Hi guys! :) Yep, it’s one of my very favorite words, the word fantasy, I mean… And since it gets thrown around so much, especially when it comes to phone sex! Lol… I just thought we’d take a second to talk about it. Just for a lil bit, I promise. *Smiles* And I don’t even know why I like that word so much! I mean…it probably has something to do with the fact that almost every time I say it, it means I’m about to get the chance to make my tight lil pussy cum! *Giggles* But I digress….

I just…I don’t know! Something about that word, just hearing that word, no matter how innocently it’s said, calls up all kinds of hot lil mental images for me! Even before it’s all spelled out which kind of phone sex fantasy we’re going to play, even when you just say, “Hi. I have this little fantasy I want to try with you…” Even just THAT makes me start to get wet! *Blushes* And just so you know (even though I’m sure most of you know this already…) as soon as you mention a hot lil roleplay or a naughty lil fantasy, I usually have my panties down around my ankles before you finish telling me the details of what it is! *Blushes again* :)

The point of bringing it up in the first place, besides the fact that it’s making your sweet lil girl very horny typing about it here…lol… Is just to remind you that in my opinion? ANY fantasy is a good fantasy! *Giggles* Especially if we get to cum together while we play it out! And that, I’m afraid, is all I’m going to say on the subject for now, cause I’d hate to have to go to my room to make myself cum before I get done writing here…lol…..

SO. New subject! *Giggles* My Princess Day was SO much fun this week!! I slept in way late, got up to do some some boring stuff around my house, had a nice loong yummy purple bubble bath, and then my (not so) new guy invited me to go out and play pool with some of his friends from work. Of course I went~I had a few drinks and *attempted* to play pool. I’m not very good at it, but guys always seem so willing to help teach me. Why is that? *Grins* Anyway, then we had some late dinner and he brought me home. And NO, there was no fucking! Lol…. He seems to have gotten the message that I don’t really like to be chased the way he used to chase me, which IMO is a VERY good thing! :) So I promised to call him next week and then came in by myself, even though I knew how much he wanted to come in with me. Is it too super bitchy that I enjoy teasing him so much? LOL! Either way, it was a fun night.

Then today I did the serious Princess stuff….manicure, facial, haircut, and shopping. Not too much shopping this week cause I was in the salon till almost 6pm, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty of time for more later this week. *Smiles* And now I’m available and taking calls! :) I should be online till 10:30pm or later EST as long as you guys keep calling me~so we’ll see how it goes. :)

AND, before I go, favorite callers! Lately, it’s pretty much been all my new favorite FS, he’s been monopolizing me lately! *Giggles* So I’m really sorry if you guys have been looking for me and not finding me…it’s all his fault! (I’m not complaining, my luv~I already told you this the other night. I already miss you lots and lots!!) Let’s see…who else…. One of my favorite hypno guys, WOW what a naughty call that was!! Making me beg to be fucked and spanking my cute lil ass while he did it? *VERY* fucking yummy! My lil cuckold D, who was “sprung” from his chasity device for the weekend…lol…he was begging to cum, and while I know I should have denied him, I just couldn’t resist! *Giggles* Ah, well…he’s been denied by me and his girlfriend for so long! Even cuckolds deserve a little treat every now and then, don’t they? LOL! (Just know that I’m slamming you right back into chastity the next time we talk, D….it’s WAY more fun to tease you when I’ve made you go without! Lol…)

I wish I could share favorite feedback, but you guys have been so bad about remembering to leave it for me lately! *Sigh* So I guess you’ll have to wait for me to share more next time. Like I said, I’ll be available on Niteflirt for a while longer tonight, so if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 6pm EST on Thursday.

Bye for now!

Tongue Bath…I want one!!

I just thought, since Summer’s almost over, I should remind you of one of the reasons why it’s my *very* favorite season! *Giggles* And besides, weren’t you already thinking of how much you want to lick my sweet lil bald pussy? :) I swear, that’s my very favorite thing in the whole wide world! Hands on my thighs holding them apart…a nice wet tongue between my legs licking me till I get all slippery wet…begging you to keep it there till I cum all over your face… Mmmm…totally fucking yummy!!

I’m just teasing a lil bit, but still! I’m sure you already know how much I LOVE to be licked, right? *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt all night tonight, probably until 10 or 11pm EST, so call me tonight! I spent most of this morning teasing (and denying, lol!) my poor lil pussy boy, so I’m in the mood to cum with a REAL man tonight! Any volunteers? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

PS I KNOW, I’m SO far behind on my favorite callers!! I promise, I’ll try to stop in tomorrow and do that sometime before I start my Princess day. :)

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