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Oh…and another thing! :)

I just felt like I needed to supplement my entry from earlier tonight…and I guess I kinda wanted to give you guys something yummy to look at, too. (What, can you blame me?? Lol….) So, for those of you sweet guys who LIKE me the sweet lil girl that I totally love to be? Here’s a lil reminder….me looking all sweet and innocent looking at my website on my laptop….

And for those of you who like me better a lil bit naughty? You know who you are…the ones who like me bitchy and princessy and eager to own you and your wallet? *Giggles* Here’s a lil reminder for you! Me looking all grown up and sexy in my fishnets and heels… Why do my fishnets never turn out right when I post pics of them here? Lol…

And yes, in case you wondered, the photos above are always available on my photo galleries page in case you just have to see more of me. *Smiles* I’m going to add more in the not too distant future, so keep looking out for those….

And again, I guess that’s it! It’s WAY late now, I had decided to call it a night, but now I think I (and my pussy!) have a lil second wind! *Giggles* So if you’re still up, look for me online and call me tonight!! I can’t wait to play with you!! AND…unfortunately…because I’m up so late, I probably won’t be on tomorrow till after 7 or 8pm EST. Just FYI, of course. :)

Bye for now!!

One Response to “Oh…and another thing! :)”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Damn those are yummy pics and the one from before, when Mr. Vitamins offered to please Tee’s lovely chocolate behind.

    All of them are just so, yummy.

    The pic by the tree has me thinking of some al fresco fantasies involving me and my sweet Kylie.
    Hope to catch you later.

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