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Time flies!

Hi guys! :) I swear, I can’t believe Summer is almost over! It’s already the middle of August and I don’t know where all the time has gone! I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, it seems like my tiny lil “habit” of procrastinating has turned into a pretty regular thing lately, wouldn’t you say? Lol… But seriously! It’s like the days go by and I stop paying attention and all of a sudden it’s a brand new season sneaking up on me! *Giggles* Oh, well…I guess that old saying is true, “Time flies when you’re having fun”, cause I have most definitely had SO much fun this summer! :)

I’m kinda thinking that maybe I ought to use some of my free time in a more constructive way, though. Looking at the calendar like I was doing today always reminds me that I really need to finish school one of these days…. I’m the only girl I know who’s been a sophomore for almost 3 years! *Smiles* I can’t decide though…do I want to go back and work towards my (almost but not quite forgotten) marketing major? Or would I rather finish the web design program that I started a while back…. I mean, there is the fact that the math classes required for my business degree were seriously kicking my ass when I stopped a while back. But I’m kinda feeling like that degree would be much more useful to me in the long run. That’s the problem though, I just don’t know! I’m going to have to make up my mind pretty soon, though…cause if I decide to go ahead and do it, I’m looking at starting classes in the Spring semester. *Sigh* I don’t know…I’ll figure it out one of these days.

And for those of you who just got bored reading the above? You guys are WAY too spoiled with me always writing sexy stuff here! Lol… Sometimes I have to talk about normal girl stuff too, you know! *Smiles* If it helps any though….I will admit that I have a hard time thinking of “school” these days without thinking of my tiny lil schoolgirl skirt…. And the cute lil cotton panties I wear underneath… And of course, one of favorite fantasies of being bent over my desk with my skirt up around my waist and my panties down around my ankles. *Giggles* What can I say, I have a dirty lil mind! You already knew that, though.

Anyway, this week has flown by for me just like the last few months have~I’ve been so super busy! Monday night I was playing on Niteflirt all night long….first with my lil toy Willie, who apparently is no longer my toy, just fyi. He had to wait up for quite a while while I was playing with FS, and I guess he got a little impatient? Lol…. He sent me this email~I have to share part of it cause it’s just too fucking cute! Here goes:

Well it’s official, I am on some level a bona fide loser. After all I waited up for 2.5 hours to speak with you and it appears that we will not talk again tonight. I hope we get to speak again soon.

I’m not sure what was so wrong with my reply, though! Was it the part where I agreed with him that he was officially a loser? Or was it when I teased him with the knowledge that I was going to my bedroom to cum with a REAL man? LOL! Who knows…. Sometimes, toys like Willie have a shelf life, so I guess it was just that time. AND, I certainly got my entertainment for the night listening to him beg me! *Giggles* (For real, no hard feelings, Willie…you be a good boy for your next Princess, K?)

SO. Back to what I was saying….favorite callers….my Pussy Lover, for a loong, yummy call last night (That was a yummy fantasy, wasn’t it? I don’t think I should let myself wait so long anymore, or the next time we play you might wear out my new vibrator just like you did the last one! Lol….) My pussy boy, of course, who not only sent me a *large* yummy cash treat today, but also allowed me to subject him to the sounds of me playing with a REAL man for a while. *Giggles* (Just read the above, sweetheart….you’ve been very well behaved lately compared to my other cuckolds, so I’m *very* happy with you!)

And of course, my sweetheart FS. And again, about him, I’m at a loss for words! Well, I can say that he made me the happiest lil girl in the whole wide world on Tuesday by sending me the prettiest, most adorable pink cell phone that I was absolutely dying for! And…that I’ve had so much fun staying up all night playing with him the last few days! (And…that I’m just happy I met you, my luv…TY for always being so sweet to me and TY so much for the prezzie!! I love it to death!)

Ummm..what else…. I SO started this entry planning on making it so short, and now it’s like a mini novel so I guess I’d better stop now. Well, that and it’s pouring outside with lots of thunder and lightning, so who knows how much longer my power’s going to last! Lol…. Gotta love Florida during hurricane season, right? :) Anyway, I’ll be available and taking calls tonight, probably from 9pm (maybe earlier, we’ll see) until at least Midnight, maybe later. So call me tonight!!

Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Time flies!”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    I had so much fun with you on that last call. Yes it was a yummy fantasy. Guess you’ll just have to let me know what is your favorite vibrator, and I’ll have to get you spare, just in case I blow your new one!


  2. hehe I know what you mean about the summer flying by! This Princess has sooo much fun staying up at night talking to little toy boys…hehe I can barely think about school when it’s so much more fun being naughty!

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