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And another one….

Yep, another picture just cause I feel like it. *Giggles* Well, that and I know you guys like seeing them…so here you are :)

So…I guess you’ve noticed by now that I spoke too soon with my last post? That whole part about “look for me on Saturday night”? Ummm….yeah. *Smiles* I stayed up WAY late Friday playing and making my pussy cum, so I slept in on Saturday morning. By the time I dragged my ass out of bed, I decided it was time for a little “me time”…so I took the night off. And it ended up being really good timing, too! Amanda was in town to finish cleaning out her apartment, so we went out for dinner and a few drinks. Well…to be completely honest, it was more than a few, lol, but still. *Giggles* Yummy Italian dinner at a restaurant that one of my ex bf’s runs, and then mangotinis downtown by the Pier. And before you ask, YES, I was such a good girl!! Lol… LOTS of flirting (gotta get as many free drinks as we can, you know! *Grins*) but absolutely no fucking. Just FYI. :)

And other than that, what else have I been up to….. Well? Getting my yummy flower delivery from my new favorite FS (gerbera daisies, my absolute favorite! TY my luv!) Catching up on some reading (Meridon by Philippa Gregory~more historical fiction, I LOVE this stuff lately!) and shopping online (as usual, lol!) I’m actually available and taking calls now, but I’ll probably only be on till 11pm EST or just after. So if you’re still up, and you’ve been missing me~call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow night after 6pm EST. (I promise!! This time I really mean it! *Giggles*)

Bye for now!

One Response to “And another one….”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Ooh, this is such a sexy pic. Speeded up my heart rate and rose my dick.

    Not sure what it is about this pic, but damn I love it. It’s so yummy, you are so yummy.

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