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Lil girl up late…

Hi guys! :) Yep, your sweet lil girl is up super late, once again, so I thought I’d write you a quick note before my night is over. I’m available and taking calls now, I guess I have been since about 9:30. I spent most of tonight playing with my new favorite FS (don’t worry about the “dessert” either, my luv….There’ll still be plenty left over! We can have “cinderblocks” for dessert….what do you think? Lol…)

Anyway, before that, I was teasing (and denying, of course!) my poor, chastised lil pussy boy for a nice, loong yummy call. And before that, I was out at Best Buy picking up my brand new PC. Remember when I said my monitor was all screwy this weekend? Ummm…yeah…. Apparently, the issue was really my sound/video card in my old PC. And since that “spoiled lil girl/instant gratification” thing reared it’s head again…. *Sigh* I had to go out and buy myself a brand new computer. I absolutely love it though! It’s SO much faster!! And lots more memory. My only complaint is this whole Vista business…. Did you know you can only get Vista on new computers now? *UGH*. Definitely takes some getting used to. But overall, I’m *very* pleased. And spoiled! Yet again. *Giggles*

Let’s see if I have favorite feedback before I go…. This one’s another one from my sweet, sweet pussy lover, and I’ll share it below. You can also find this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie really ‘gets’ me. She has a way, where she engages me in small talk, but what she’s really doing is learning what turns me on at a deeper level than even I understand. And since she’s so naughty and sometimes loves it nasty, she can quickly set a scene that makes me take off. Kylie knows just how to play a fantasy, to ride it along building the excitement. Hearing her sweet voice describe the sexy things she’s doing to me or wants me to do to her, its just so yummy. Then we reach the point where she pushes me over the top and I’m drained and enjoy the feeling all nite long.

(TY my luv!! You “get” me too, you know that already….but now you know all my secret tricks! *Giggles* I’ll make sure to have more up my sleeve next time…) And I guess that’s it! I’m going to be available and taking calls all night tonight, probably till 3 or 4am EST. So if you’ve been missing me, and you’re still up and horny? Call me tonight!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 6 or 7pm EST tomorrow. Bye for now!

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  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Can’t wait to discover what’s up your “sleeve” next ;)

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