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Making me CUM…..

I know, I know, I talk about it all the time….how much I love to make my pussy cum, and how some of my phone sex calls are so HOT I just can’t help it. And I guess on occasion I even talk about how my favorite vibrator makes me totally fucking crazy!! *Giggles* And I probably think about getting off much more often than the average girl. (Sometimes I think I think about sex as often as you guys do! Lol…) You’re not bored with hearing about my orgasms yet, are you? :) Good~I hope not.

Cause this weekend, I was lucky enough to have lots and LOTS of yummy calls! AND I got to make my pussy cum on quite a lot of them~which is always a good thing. :) But there was one of them in particular…one of my new guys….one that made me cum SO fucking hard, not just once, but several times. (You know who you are, don’t you? *Smiles*) Anyway, it was pretty late when we got done playing, and it wasso good that it went beyond the just, “Wow, that felt really good, let me lay here for a second and enjoy it.” type of feeling. It was more like, “OMFG, that was amazing, and I don’t think I can cum any more tonight so let me log off and go to sleep!” type of feeling. And no, before you ask, this isn’t the first time I’ve ever cum like that on the phone! There are lots of you who always make it crazy fucking yummy good for me and get me off like that! I just got to thinking…what is it exactly that makes a phone sex call SO hot that I can barely stand it? I don’t think it’s an exact science, but while I try to figure it out, I came up with a few suggestions….

  • It makes it so much hotter for me when I know who I’m playing with. If we’ve played before, remind me of who you are when I ask! (Pretty please? Lol) I usually have an awesome memory, so if you remind me of who you are, chances are I’ll remember what you like. So I can get straight into touching my tight lil pussy instead of having to guess around at it.
  • Let me know when I do something you like! If I talk about touching you….or touching your cock…or kissing you while I do both of the above..or whatever! *Smiles* I love hearing you breathe and moan and get excited! It makes it so much more real for me….and that’s one of my favorite things about phone sex….being able to imagine exactly how I’m getting you off. You know? :)
  • (This one’s kind of optional, but if you really want to make me cum till I scream? *Giggles* Keep reading.) There are a few things I really like….and a few phrases that I not only like, but when you say them, it gets me to the point where I can barely breathe, let alone speak! *Smiles* I can’t tell you what they are…it’s much more fun when you guess, or if you just know them from playing with me more than once. Let’s just say….when you know the right “buttons” to push? You can pretty much get me to do or say anything you want…. And that sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Lol….

I’m going to stop now on the hints, I think….it’s much more fun when I keep you guys guessing at least a little bit! *Giggles* I have the best callers in the whole wide world, so I’m sure most of you know all of that already, right? :) Still, I just had to take a second to spell it out~anything that ends up in more orgasms for me is definitely worth the time, don’t you think? *Grins*

So….let’s see if I have favorite callers…. Lots of humiliation wanker calls! Making guys eat their cum for me…making them stroke in front of windows…setting roleplay scenes with both of the above…lol…. Come on~I keep telling you that your sweet lil girl is turning into quite the mean lil Princess, don’t I? *Giggles* I don’t know, I feel like it’s the control aspect of it that turns me on so much. Or rather, the cock control, lol…. Either way, it’s lots of fun.

Anyway, on to REAL men :) My sweetie Spooky~it had been SO long since we talked last! So nice to make up for lost time with one of my old favorites. (I’ll try to help you with that thing really soon, my luv…I haven’t forgotten, I promise!) My sweetheart Romeo, for a nice, loong yummy call (I could walk the next day~but just barely! TY for being so incredibly awesome….we’ll have to do the rest the next time we play, k?) And my favorite FS, such a sweetheart he is! LOTS of yummy calls, and lots of making me smile, AND my favorite feedback, which I’ll share below. (TY sweetie!) You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

How can I even explain how sweet Kylie is, and how much I like her? Well, I could say that she’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever met on the phone. I could say that it’s more than the phone sex stuff, it’s everything about her. I could even go so far as to say that she’s the best on NF. But I’ve already said all of these things, so for now I’ll just say that you should call her, too. She’s just really that good.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls on Niteflirt tonight, from 8:15pm or so till after 11pm EST, maybe later. And I sure hope you guys are done with all your Holiday stuff, cause I can’t wait to cum with you! I didn’t log on at all yesterday cause I was dealing with plumbers and plumbing issues, and I spent most of my afternoon today after my workout dealing with them again…*ugh!* I’m thinking one of you can get my mind off all that craziness before Princess Day tomorrow…make me cum a few times before I go to sleep. What do you think? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

3 Responses to “Making me CUM…..”

  1. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    I just love it when you share your inner secrets with us. Now I just gotta remember them tips for our next call.

    Hope you had a good Princess day.

  2. Joe - Oralvr from NiteFlirt says:

    Yeah, I really want to have another long phone session with you so I can get you to cum many times, then end up with a toe curling orgasm!

  3. Kylie says:

    Hey there, Joe :)

    I did have a yummy Princess Day~thanks for asking! I don’t think you have to worry about the “tips” too much, though…you pretty much have them all covered when we play. Or maybe I don’t notice cause I’m too busy cumming so hard? *Giggles* Anyway…be well till we play next! Hopefully it will be soon….

    xoxo, Kylie

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