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Did someone say CUM?? :)

WOW. Okay, let me first just say that when I wrote my last entry, I had no idea that just me mentioning that word~dare I even say it again? Lol… I had no idea that just mentioning it would bring out the horny side of ummm…all of you? *Giggles* I was only trying to describe what I like, and how I like (*whispering this time*) to make my pussy cum… And yeah, like I said above. WOW! Have I been having so much fun with you guys the last few days!

Some of it was emails…from guys I haven’t had the pleasure of (*whisper again*, lol) cumming with. And I should take a second to mention this cause I know I haven’t in like, forever….it’s always okay to email me before you call me, if you need to ask me anything, or if you want to run your fantasy by me before you call! My phone’s been ringing pretty much non stop lately, so I can’t always promise that I can reply right away, but at the very least, you’ll know that I have an idea of what you have in mind before we play. Especially those of you who like it a little bit naughty *ahem*. Like I do. :) You know what I mean.

Anyway, back to my point….some of it was more humiliation wanker calls~which I’m seriously starting to enjoy lately! Even when they send me pictures of their hopelessly small cocks….even when they admit to not being able to fuck for longer than 3 seconds (lol)…even when they allow me to subject them to seriously embarrassing tasks! I won’t go into too much detail, cause I know that most of you reading here are actually REAL men. So for now I’ll just say that I think it’s amazing how willing my lil losers and cuckolds are to do whatever I command them to! AND…how quick they are to put just about anything in their mouths….

Speaking of, remember my lil toy Willie? The one who made me so mad last month cause he was having a tantrum and I just wasn’t going to take it? *Smirk* Well. He found himself missing me too, too much…and since I had already blocked him for being such a baby, he had to call one of my girlyfriends to beg his way back into my good graces. LOL! Isn’t that just the way it should be? :) So…because I’m too much of a softy sometimes, and because his email was so sweet (“I sincerely apologize for my behavior that evening and would like more than anything to speak with you again. I can assure you that I will not be foolish again. Speaking with you is a pleasure and an honor that you and only you determine to whom you bestow. Please accept my apology for my error in judgement. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is not to talk to you or look at your pictures.” That’s only part of it, but you get the gist), AND because I like to make him do all kinds of naughty things and make him send me cash treats for the pleasure (see, I’m being good! No details!) Anyway, I let him come back so I could toy with him some more. My losers are always SO good for entertainment value. *Giggles*

But I still haven’t mentioned the best thing about writing that last entry~my REAL men callers. (Yes, that means most of you. *Smiles*) I described what makes me cum the hardest when I’m playing with you, and you made this big huge effort to make it seriously fucking hot for me! Remembering the things I really like (and no, I’m still not telling!), letting me hear what you like, leaving me sweet feedback after we played…. In other words, making me a very happy lil girl! :) So, favorite callers….my sweetheart FS (of course! I won’t forget my homework, my luv…make sure you don’t forget about it either!) My naughty roleplayer Gun (how do you always make me so slutty for you? Don’t think I didn’t notice what you were doing..cause I totally did! But no worries…I liked it!) And my pussy boy…he doesn’t really count as a REAL man, I know. But he’s more masculine than the rest of my lil cuckolds, AND he sent me a *yummy* cash treat! Which is always a good thing….

Favorite feedback…let’s see…. This one’s from Gun, and you can find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

It is always great calling Kylie again. Her way of greet you with such energy is more than enough to give her a call. No matter how stressful my day was, her sweet voice will always bring a smile on my face. And that is before we even start talking about anything to do with sex. Thank you once again for giving me such a good time.

And I guess that’s it! It’s WAY late right now, almost 9pm EST, so I’m going to end this before it gets too much later. I still want to cum a few times before I go to sleep, after all! And I’m hoping that you guys want to cum with me… *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight from 9:15pm EST or so until 1am…2am…probably MUCH later, but you never know. Just look for me online and call me tonight! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 7pm.

Bye for now!

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