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*ME* Time…

Whenever I come back from a few days away, it’s like I can’t believe how long it’s been since the last time I wrote! I guess it was only three days ago, but still! It seems like forever…. I did take calls on Monday night, but then Princess Day happened, as usual, and this week…I don’t know, I guess I felt a little bit stir crazy? Like I didn’t feel like just going shopping and doing my girly spa stuff like I usually do. I mean, I know it doesn’t ever actually get “cold” here in the Sunshine State, but Summer’s almost over! And so instead of doing my usual stuff, I decided to totally have some *me* time. Which meant: no computers, no cell phone~well, maybe a little cell phone, lol…. Just doing stuff totally away from my normal routine. Kind of like a mini vacation almost. *Smiles*

So, I went out of town to go to a food show (basically a restaurant trade show) with Amanda and her bf. And to be honest, I don’t really know why I agreed to go. I’ve been to lots of them before, my ex is an executive chef so he used to take me to them all the time… Just in case you’ve never been to one, it’s pretty much just a bunch of booths with food vendors~giving out free samples and trying to sell whatever product they’re hawking. A bunch of chefs walking around in their chef jackets trying to look important, haggling for better prices on bulk purchases. AND, a bunch of useless extra people just along for the ride (like Amanda and I, lol) walking around and trying the free samples while we load up promo stuff into the little gift bags they give you at the door. So in other words, even though I was bored out of my mind, I probably won’t have to buy ketchup or garlic salt or barbeque sauce or mustard or fish seasoning until…. Well? Probably until I die. *Giggles* And you’re not allowed to laugh! It was totally me time, even though it wasn’t sexy or girly in any way! :)

Anyway, I didn’t drive home till the next day, and no crazy partying and drinking either! I had to let her be alert and not hungover for school the next morning, didn’t I? Lol… I did have to do some shopping on the way home though, I couldn’t help it! Funny how they always put those huge outlet malls right next to highways so shopping addicts like me can’t do anything but pull over and buy things…. I’m not going to go into a huge list of what I bought, suffice it to say that I’m going to be taking some more yummy pictures for you soon, cause I bought a LOT. *Grins* We’ll see, probably later this month.

But I digress, as usual. :) I got home kinda late, and I was just too tired to log in and take calls last night. Actually? It wasn’t that I was so exhausted. It was more that I needed a little *me* time. I needed to have some completely alone time without talking at all. I needed to have a super long bubble bath by candlelight and start getting into the new book I’m reading. (“Earthly Joys” by Philippa Gregory) I wanted to watch some stuff on TV that I’d been missing (Grey’s Anatomy Season 3), and I wanted to stay up as late as I wanted doing absolutely nothing but talking to my Mommy late night and then curl up in my bed and go to sleep. I’m a spoiled lil girl, don’t I get to do what I want? Lol….

Anyway, most of all, I just didn’t want to log onto Niteflirt if I was feeling cranky in any way. :) I know I’ve said it at least a million times, but I only make myself available when I’m totally happy and horny and ready to play with you! Anything less than that would be unfair to both of us, so I just don’t do it. Even so, I’m sure there are a few of you who’ve found yourself on the phone with “cranky Kylie”…lol…. It’s just never a good thing. So, I decided to wait till today. The upside of my whole two days of *me* time is…that I haven’t made my pussy cum since Monday night! I know! *Gasp* Can you believe it?? Lol…. The point here is…I’m horny and I absolutely can’t wait to play with you! I’ll be available and taking calls tonight, until at least 11pm or Midnight EST, probably much later! So callme tonight! And hey, maybe if I’m lucky…we could have some me AND you time tonight. Would that be called “us time”? LOL! Either way~bye for now!

3 Responses to “*ME* Time…”

  1. PussyBoy says:

    Miss Kylie,

    You very much deserve your alone time!!! Though it pains me not to be able to contact you, hear your voice, listen to your instuction, or listen to your hypontic voice…I understand your need to have YOUR time! Nevertheless, I would still pay dearly to even converse with the ‘cranky’ Kylie. I need you…You OWN me. Be nice to me, be horribly bitchy to me…whatever you wish. I need my owner!! *sighs*

  2. Kylie says:

    Aww…so sweet! It makes me happy that you’re so aware of the fact that you need me, pussy boy… Don’t ever forget it! Otherwise, I’ll put you on restriction again, no matter how much you beg me to reconsider. LOL!

    I’m (kinda) just teasing. And besides, you made me *very* happy on Thursday night, so no worries. For now, anyway….

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. Mister Vitamins says:

    You talk about shopping the way that my Mom does Kylie…she always tells me when we drive by a store that “always has good shoes” or a “good bargain”…lol…
    Can’t wait to tell you about my time away from home recently…it was very naughty…hee hee… :)
    I agree that talking to “cranky Kylie” isn’t such a bad thing at all, but be good pussy boy…real men might snatch Kylie away from you… ;)

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