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Wednesday Night….

Yep, I’m a very bad girl tonight….I didn’t even think about writing here till it was almost time for me to log off! I did tell you guys I’m forgetful sometimes, remember? *Giggles* Anyway, to make up for my horrible procrastination (lol) here’s another picture I wanted to share with you~I hope you like it! I’m all done taking calls for tonight, but I’ll most likely post again tomorrow. And of course, I’ll be available and taking calls tomorrow night~probably from 7pm EST till late night.

Let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share before I go… Okay, this one’s from my naughty roleplayer Gun, and you can also find it on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing:

“Extra! Extra! Kylie stikes again. Leaving horny man shaken and breathless.” The newspaper should have that headline every time I talk to Kylie. Yummy call once again.

SO sweet of you, my luv! TY for the yummy call! And TY for always being so wonderfully sweet…even while you’re making me into your own personal cum slut. *Giggles* I do like being a total cum slut sometimes, after all….

And speaking of cum sluts, lol… This next one is from my lil toy Willie. WOW is he so well behaved since I had to teach him a lil lesson last month! *Grins* He’s right back to being a good toy for me~sending me yummy cash treats, telling me more of his dirty lil secrets, denying his orgasms at my request, and of course (who could forget) eating his own cum for me whenever I tell him to. LOL! (Don’t go freaking out now, I know you guys are real men so you don’t always like to hear this stuff…but it’s all for the purpose of humiliating him. So once in a while, you just have to deal, k? Lol….) Anyway, you can find this one on my Anything Goes Listing:

Why bother calling anyone else? Flatly, Kylie is the sexiest woman on Keen!!!!!!!

I probably have a million more things to say, but I have to end this now so I can wind down and get to sleep soon~so sweet dreams!

8 Responses to “Wednesday Night….”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    Love that photo Kylie…especially the slightly tossled hair and the short-shorts…looks like you were getting ready to slide them off too…yum! ;)

  2. Pussy Boy says:

    OH my! Cum Eating is now the topic of the day. This is one I’ve struggled to get my arms around. Kylie is assisting me in becoming comfortable with this notion. Yet it has a small twist. Her preferred method for a pussy like me…Devouring the cum left behind by a real-man after he’s just had his way with my girlfiend. She wants me to get USED to lapping up the mess leaking from her pussy! I know, sounds crazy huh? But with her tutelage, I think I am finally ready to accept this task which has been termed, “my litlle creampie”

  3. Mister Vitamins says:

    Doesn’t sound crazy to me pussy boy…what else is a pussy boy like you good for except to clean up the mess left by a real man?? Exercise your tounge and try not to screw that job up…lol…

  4. Kylie says:

    OMG! I’m literally LOL right now….so much so that I actually can’t think of anything to say! (I know, that never happens to me, right? *smiles*)

    I am glad to know that you’re finally starting to accept your fate, my sweet lil pussy boy! And I’m EXTRA glad to know that Mr Vitamins agrees with me about what you deserve!

    Last night was a pretty late night for me, as pussy boy well knows since it was HIM that kept me up on the phone till 6am…lol… So I’m just starting my day right now. I may or may not be available and taking calls tonight, we’ll have to wait and see. I guess if I do sign on, I’ll post again and let you guys know. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

  5. Mister Vitamins says:

    OK then Kylie, I’ll even make a deal with your poor, lil pussy boy…”I’ll fill ‘er up and then he can clean ‘em out”. Don’t worry about me pussy boy, your gf will have a lot of fun cleaning ME up with her mouth and tounge after I’m done filling HER up with my big cock… :)

  6. Pussy boy says:

    Dear Mr. Vitamins,

    OMG…I’d be afraid to take my GF anywhere near you, lest you seduce her and expose me to the most humiliating expierence of my life! Is it really necessary to force me to suck your cum out of my GF’s well fucked pussy in order to show me my place?!? Will you allow me a shred of dignity? Kylie…heeeeelp!

  7. Mister Vitamins says:

    Poor, pathetic, tiny, lil pussy boy…who says that you even DESERVE any dignity??? Also, have you even checked on your supposed gf lately? Are you even home right now? Maybe I’ve already had my way with her while you’ve been away in recent weeks…shown her what it was like to be wined, dined, mentally and physically stimulated, respected, and properly fucked like only a real man can! The LEAST you can do is clean up the mess that I left when I was done with her…even Kylie can’t help you now I fear…tisk tisk…LOL!!!

  8. Kylie says:

    Mr Vitamins~

    Can I just say that I read this one aloud to my pussy boy? He was SO not in a position to stroke while I read it (good thing, cause he didn’t have permission to cum, anyway…lol…) But OMG…TOO fucking funny! Lol….

    xoxo, Kylie

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