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Sex Fiend….

I’m not sure, but I think I qualify as all of the above, don’t you think? *Giggles* At least the “sex fiend, nympho, slut” part, anyway….lol…. Anyway, yet again it’s been a few days since I last wrote here! Time goes by so fast for me sometimes! I was taking calls all night on Thursday, and since Thursday is usually my late night, it turned out to be a very late night, indeed! :) Before I go on, have you guys seen my new schedule yet? I just updated it again, you can find it on my Call Me page if you want to know when I plan to be available.

Anyway, it was a busy, busy night! Lots and LOTS of yummy calls that got me slippery wet and made my tight lil pussy cum….so I was a very happy lil girl! Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention…. My sweetie FS, for a couple of loong yummy calls (I like the absence of the wall, don’t you? *Giggles* But I especially like how you’re always so sweet to me, my luv… TY for being so wonderful. Seriously.) My storyteller, also for a couple of yummy calls (I’m glad you don’t think of it badly, Mister…and I know I still owe you an email! Look for that tomorrow afternoon, k?) An old friend of mine, I’ll call him J…probably one of the first guys I ever played with on Niteflirt, to tell the truth. That’s why it’s hard to believe that it took just over 2 years for him to finally come out of his shell and get *super* naughty with me! (I loooved that call, sweetie! Absolutely LOVED it! TY!) Jeez! Does my sweet lil young voice really make you guys think I’m innocent or something? LOL! Far from it. But most of you know that already. I hope. :)

And the rest of my night was spent with my pussy boy. Can I just say that I think it’s finally time for you to feel sympathy for him? LOL! We had talked for a while earlier in the day, but by the time it was almost the end of my night (about 3am) he was just waking up again. Not that he had to wake up that early, he probably could have slept in longer…but he couldn’t resist coming to my lil blog here to read the latest and make some comments. And going to my website and look at my pictures. And of course, he had to email me to tell me what he was up to.

Since he is my favorite lil cuckold, at first I was nice, and just made him log onto yahoo so we could chat for a bit. But then…I realized that I should use this situation to my advantage! I mean, what could be more entertaining than making him actually call me while his gf was sleeping in the next room? LOL! Hearing him try to keep his voice down so he wouldn’t wake her up? OMG it was priceless! But even that wasn’t enough for me~after all, I AM the Princess, so whatever amuses me is what he has to do, right? *Giggles* So…first, I made him send me one of those *large* yummy cash treats that I love so much. Then, I made him get himself dressed and call me from his car on his way to do his work stuff….teasing him with some of the fantasies he’s been thinking about lately. And of course another 2 girl phone sex call~with Lyndee this time~minus the phone sex part, cause it was him. *Giggles* But that’s why he deserves your sympathy~a little bit, anyway. All that teasing…on Thursday, and Friday, and for a little while this afternoon, with no orgasm anywhere in sight! :) This is why I like REAL men better, just fyi. REAL men like pussy, but aren’t completely owned and driven by it like my poor lil pussy boy. And of course, REAL men have REAL cocks… But, hey~he deserves whatever he gets, cause he signed up for this, after all. Right? So maybe don’t give him any sympathy, after all….

Anyway, I was up playing with him till just after 6am, so on Friday, I was TIRED! I did talk to him for a little bit that day, but by 8 or 9pm I was still kinda sleepy so I decided not to take calls at all. I hope none of you were looking for me, I’m really sorry if I missed you! I ended up going out to dinner with my new guy, and then coming home to watch The Condemned. LOVED that movie!! I’m not going to pretend it was some kind of cinematic masterpiece, but I’m just totally into action movies. Blood, and explosions, and fighting, I just fucking love it! And of course, Steve Austin….talk about a REAL man! Yummy! (There’s some more crazy Kylie trivia for you, if you’re still keeping track…lol…I love action movies.) And before you ask? No, he didn’t sleep over. I kicked him out at 2am and slept all by myself. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’m on alerts now, but I’ll be available and taking calls tonight until 1 or 2am (or later!) EST. So call me tonight! And like it says above….nymphos, sluts, and freaks are always welcome! *Giggles* If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 6 or 7pm EST tomorrow. Bye for now!

3 Responses to “Sex Fiend….”

  1. Lyndee says:

    Thanks for the call, Kylie!! It was awesome to chat with you again… Was there a “man” with you? Oh, say it isn’t so… a little “fluffer”…LOL!!!

    Seems as though you have this little cuck under lock and key… just where he should be!!

    Loved the stories… thanks for helping to make my day at work a little more bearable! All I had to do was picture that ID card, rewind the VS episode, and so much more… hysterical!
    Take Care,
    xoxo., Lyndee

  2. Pussy boy says:

    I’m glad I could help make your day Lyndee! If only more girls would say that about me *sigh* Maybe I need to keep working on getting my head around ‘other’ ways of pleasing women…maybe I’ll actaully have some success! What do you think Kylie?

  3. Kylie says:

    Now, pussy boy…you know you already know the only way to get girls to think of you that way! I mean, the only way other than amusing them to the point of laughter and amusement…lol….

    The only avenue left open to you is your oral sex skills…and you KNOW you’re awesome at that! Licking pussy is your last available option. It’s a good thing you’re so good at doing it…. *Giggles*

    xoxo, Kylie

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