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Schedule Update :)

Hi guys! :) It’s just after 7am here, and I thought I should write another entry because….I’ve kinda decided to make it an all nighter tonight. Until 10am EST, anyway…. I have to call my Mommy at 10:30 (I do that every Sunday~more Kylie trivia for you! Lol), so I’ll be logging off at 10am or so to make sure I can get some breakfast and call her on time. I normally don’t do this, but seeing as it’s so late, I figure why not? *Shrugs*

SO. If you’re still up, or just waking up, call me!! As I said, unless I fall asleep in the meantime (and I don’t feel tired) I’ll be available and taking calls till sometime betwen now (7am) and 10 am EST Sunday. Of course, this means that I won’t be logging on till 9 or 10pm tonight….if at all….just fyi. We’ll have to wait and see. But still!! I’m fucking horny and I wanna play!! If you’re as horny as I am…give me a ring. :)

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