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I’ll do your body good….

Isn’t that hilarious? *Giggles* I just thought it was cute, and whenever I run across something like that while I’m surfing the web, I save it so I can post it and share it with you guys. And although I like to think it sometimes…I do realize that I’m probably not as healthy as a glass of milk. I’m WAY more fun though, don’t you think? Lol… The fact still remains that I’ll definitely do your body good! Especially if you happen to find time to play with me tonight~cause I’m feeling so happy and spoiled right now!! And feeling spolied always makes me super horny, in case you didn’t already know…lol….

Yesterday, even though I didn’t log on to take calls at night (I know, I know, but I stayed up till 6am on Wednesday AND Thursday! A girl’s gotta get her Princess Rest in sometime! *Smiles*) I slept in super late, till almost 3pm. And can I say again how much I LOVE to sleep in? That’s the only part I’m really NOT looking forward to about starting school again in the Spring. The whole waking up at an appointed time cause someone other than ME says I have to. *Sighs* It’s a good thing that won’t be an issue till January! Anyway, I woke up late, decided to go out for my walk, and when I opened the door, it was like UPS Christmas on my doorstep! Flowers (a whole vaseful of gerbera daisies~my favorite) and a new book, and a cute lil tshirt, and a couple of cards…all from my sweetie B12! (TY SO much, my luv!!) It was for a “special occasion”, but even though I knew the day was coming up, I totally wasn’t expecting all of that. Have I mentioned how much I love it when you guys go out of your way to make me feel special? *Giggles* I know I have, but I’m saying it again, cause I really, really, totally do!

Anyway, Friday was another boring night for your sweet lil girl. I was tired, and I didn’t have any plans, so I decided not to take calls at all. I keep telling you I’m getting old! Lol… I read a book (finished one, really) did some stupid housework, and watched a movie, Knocked Up. I’m glad I saw it and all, but OMG was it a letdown! I mean, it was entertaining, but it was nowhere NEAR as funny as I had heard it would be! The 40 Year Old Virgin was MUCH better! IMO, of course…. Anyway, even though it was kind of a low key night for me, I totally got lots of *me* time. To make up for it, this coming Tuesday Amanda and I are going to have a full day spa day. (Seriously, like 6 hours of spa stuff. *Smiles*) Which probably sounds as boring to you as what I ended up doing last night…lol…. But I promise, it will be LOTS of fun! I wonder if we can con her bf into playing chauffeur for us again this time? *Giggles* We’ll see.

So let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention…. Of course my pussy boy~he’s been such a good lil cuckold lately! Since he’s been on orgasm restrictions, anyway…lol… My lil toy Willie~I won’t say anything more about him for now, we have to wait and see if he completes his lil assignment before I will. :) All I’ll say for now, is that I appreciate the yummy cash treats! AND, that he’d better follow my instructions to the letter if he wants to stay in my good graces…lol…..

Who else…. My yummy hottie Drew (I LOVED those pics, mister!! TY for making me cum so hard!) And old friend of mine, Joshie, who I hadn’t talked to in forever! (Did you really think I could forget you? Silly man…you know I never could.) LOTS of yummy calls from my sweetie CC (we’re going to have to work out that wake up call thingie one of these days, mister! I don’t know if I can wake up in time, but if my reward is playing with you, I’ll certainly try!) And my little slut Chase, who just sent me a yummy cash treat just to say hello! (I know it’s been a while…we’ll catch up really soon, I promise!)

And favorite feedback…this one is from my favorite FS. I’ll post it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

She’s just the perfect girl! She’s friendly, and sweet, and very, VERY smart…and she gets to know you inside and out more quickly than you could imagine. If you’re looking for a no stings quickie, I’m sure Kylie can handle that for you….but if you’re looking for the perfect girl who can cum with you AND get to know you inside and out? The type of girl who actually listens and gets into KNOWING you as well as making you cum? Call Kylie NOW!! Take my word for it-she’s truly the best on NF. You won’t be disappointed.

And I guess that’s it! I’m on alerts now, but I’ll be completely available and taking calls very soon, by 9pm EST. Till probably Midnight or 1am EST. So call me tonight!! If you’re someone I’ve already played with…you already know just how well I’ll do your body *very* good! *Giggles* If we haven’t played yet? Tonight might be the night for you to call me and find out…. :) Bye for now!

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