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Wednesday Update….

Hi guys! :) Just a quick update for now cause I know it’s been a few days since I wrote last. Did you miss me? *Giggles* I hope so…. Anyway, let’s see… First of all, YES, I know I wasn’t around on Monday night like I usually am. And I’m so sorry for that! I was just feeling a lil bit tired from staying up SUPER late night on Saturday and Sunday nights, so I spared you guys my cranky side and took some girly/*ME* time. Of course I did some shopping that day as well, but…lol… You understand.

Second: YES, I had a wonderful Princeess Day! I had my “super spa day” with Amanda (facial, manicure, pedicure, massage.) After that we had some drinks and watched a movie ~1408. Pretty trippy but not nearly as scary as I thought it would be! It was really scary, but it didn’t give me nightmares, so… Anyway, you should see it! I think you’d like it.

Third: I spent most of today putting together my new desk cause it finally came! It took a LOT longer to do than I expected…although I do have many other talents, your sweet lil girl is just not mechanically inclined. *Frowns* The bright side is, I LOVE my new desk!! And now, since I got my new desk chair and cordless laser mouse last week, all I need is my new surround sound to make it absolutely PERFECT here in my lil office. (Amanda calls it my “super super media center” every time she comes back here, lol….) The rest of the day was a looong yummy bright green sparkly bubble bath and doing web stuff…picking out new pictures for my new listings and some other projects that Tee has going for me. No hints, either!! *Giggles* You’ll just have to wait till it’s all done…but I’m sure you guys will LOVE it! You’ll just have to wait and see. :)

Last: I’m available and taking calls right now, and I should be till at least 11pm or Midnight EST. So call me tonight!! I still have to do favorite callers, I know, I’m a bad lil procrastinator. And I do have more stuff to tell you but I need to get off alerts and be completely available before it gets too late. :) So I’ll end this for now, but I’ll try my very best to write again tomorrow. Bye for now!

PS If you guys get bored before you find a minute to call and play with me? Check out PervScan. Ummm…I should warn you in advance that thsi site is NOT for the faint of heart! Lol… But it’s definitely an interesting read! I was just browsing tonight so I thought I’d share. :) Bye again!

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