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Cause I’m the Princess~That’s why :)

Hi guys! :) WOW has it been a crazy weekend around here! I swear, it’s like the time flies by so fast~I stop paying attention and then all of a sudden, it’s almost Monday! Lol… Anyway, it’s been super crazy, but I’ve been having SO much fun! Lots of yummy phone sex calls, lots of making my pussy cum, and LOTS of me being a total Princess brat~which I’m sure you cuold tell from the title up there. :) ALL of which (as I’m sure you already know) are things I totally love to do. :)

I should start by saying that Friday was a late night, even for me. I know I’ve been doing the whole late night thing lately…mostly because it’s like a vicious circle. I stay up one night really late, then I sleep in till the afternoon the next day, and by the time I’m done with my workout and my errands and talking to my pussy boy (more on him in 1 sec) it’s usually 8pm or later when I finally log on. Like tonight, if you hadn’t noticed. *Giggles* It’s 9pm EST as I’m writing this, and I’m just now signing onto Niteflirt. But I digress, as usual… My point was, I stayed up taking calls till just after 7am Friday night. Yes, I know I mean Saturday morning, but I’m trying to let you get the timeline~so you understand just how long I stayed up.

Anyway, I started my afternoon teasing my poor lil pussy boy. And get this: he actually told me that he wasn’t sure he was up for chastity anymore. He doesn’t think he can do it! He thinks that it will be much better for us to just do gfe phone sex calls for a while. LOL! Like, now that I’ve gotten used to keeping his (less than acceptable) manhood all locked up in a lil cage, I’m supposed to just let him act like he’s a REAL man when we talk? OH no. Uh uh. No fucking way. LOL! I mean, he is my favorite lil cuckold after all, so I gave him a little leeway… Meaning, I gave him a gfe call minus the gfe phone sex. *Giggles* I think I’m going to be nice and not fuck with him too much while he works his way back into sub headspace…but there are still no orgasms till I say so!! :) And I hope he didn’t think that the *large* yummy cash treat he sent me would soften me up on that, either….. (It was much appreciated, don’t get me wrong! Just no special favors for it. Silly man.)

After that, I was taking calls all night…I should probably mention favorite callers before I go on, so lets see. Well…no one left me written feedback over the last few days, so I guess I don’t have any to mention. *Pouts* Jeez! I must have made my pussy cum like 10 times over the course of that night and not even one comment? Actually, wait~there is one, and I’ll just share his feedback below cause I thought it was so yummy. It’s from my sweetie L2, who seems to be staying out of his shell since I got super naughty with him the last time we played. Who knew? Maybe I have that effect on guys? *Giggles* I hope so…especially if I get to cum so hard as a result! :) Anyway, you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is positively perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad or even a mediocre call with her. If Kylie doesn’t do it for you, you may want to check your wrist for pulse.

SO. It was getting pretty late and I was starting to think of going to sleep, when all of a sudden, I got a call from a brand new money toy. I’ll call him Little One for now. LOL! The thing is…while his dick may be little…his wallet most defintely is not!! :) We talked for a bit…but once I found out how substandard his cock was, I made him hang up to tribute me a “small cock” fee. Of course I raised my rate while I was waiting for him to call back. *Smiles* Poor guy…I’d talk to him for a little longer, and then *click*. I’d hang up on him again. Leaving him to wonder what he did wrong….and of course needing to send me cash tributes before he could call back. I won’t get into exact dollar amounts here….just know that I hung up on him several times before I was done using the fuck out of him. The poor thing sent me cash every single time I did it, but I just kept rasing the rate on him! LOL! By the last phone call, I actually had him in tears! Literally. My first time breaking a guy down to waterworks! Does it make me a sadistic bitch for enjoying that as much as I did? LOL!

Either way, don’t start feeling bad for him, either~not that you would, but still. He wasn’t crying cause I was being so mean to him! He was crying and begging and pleading with me to let him send me more money!! LOL! I kept calling him a pussy and making him stop crying…but ask and you shall receive, right? Lol… Since I already had lots of his cash, I started sending him to websites on my Make Me Smile page to send me egift cards! Several hundred dollars later, I finally had mercy and sent him to bed~without letting him cum, of course. *Grins* And wouldn’t you think he’d have had enough sense to be *very* afraid at this point? Hmmm. My sweet Little One has been emailing ever since we spoke, to let me know how much he enjoyed becoming my new personal plaything and scheduling when he can give me lots of his money all over again. And that’s a very good thing, since I’ve enjoyed shopping online all afternoon on his dime with all my gift cards. :) Lots of body cream and perfume from Sephora, some Bliss stuff from Macy’s, and I haven’t even started on my favorite stuff from Lush! Hey, I’m the Princess, right? Lol… Works for me!

I told you that your sweet lil girl can be quite the bitchy lil brat when the mood strikes me, remember? *Giggles* As long as you’re a REAL man (as most of you are), you’ll never have to see that side of me. But OMG is financial domination so much fun~it’s a TOTAL rush!! The only thing better than taking money from money slaves is cumming with a real man. For me, anyway…

After that though, I was sleepy. I slept in later than I planned so I decided to take the night off. By the time I was fully awake and getting up, my new guy was calling to take me out to dinner. Some new restaurant he wanted to try with Pacific Rim Fusion cusine…whatever that means. I just had a steak salad and some chardonnay so I didn’t try any of the specialty stuff. He wanted to hit some bars afterwards though, and I was just too tired to do another all nighter. So, just a little bit of kissing on my couch…I let him finger my pussy till he made me cum, but that was it. He was still all “party mode” and I was definitely “sleep and cuddle mode”, so I kicked him out and told him I’d call him today. Which I haven’t done yet…but I think I plan on it tomorrow. IF he quits blowing up my cell in the meantime, anyway….lol… We’ll see.

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, and I should be on till at least Midnight EST, probably later. So call me tonight! I know, I know, all the talk of my bitchy brat side isn’t quite what you’re used to reading here. But think of it like this: the main point is that I’m always a Princess. But I don’t always have to be a domme Princess! I can be your cock sucking slut princess…or your cum drinking princess…or your anal Princess…or even your naughty roleplaying Princess. *Giggles* So…you decide. :) If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 7 or 8pm EST. Bye for now!

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