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Thank You’s and Favorites…

I think this is probably going to be the shortest post I’ve ever written! Partly because I kinda have a bit of “writers block”, partly because it’s almost 10pm EST and I need to log onto Niteflirt and start taking calls tonight! And partly because after I took time on Thursday night to write here, I ended up having to delete the whole post cause part of it was obsolete. *Frowns* And now that I’ve explained all of that, all kinds of things are popping into my head that I want to share with you. Lol… Funny how that happens.

How about this: I’ll just take a second to do thank yous and favorite callers to make sure I’m at least on alerts by 10 or 10:30, and then I’ll write a lil bit more here tomorrow or Monday. Deal? K. First of all, big huge thank yous and long wet kisses to all of you who have been spoiling your sweet lil girl this past week! My pussy boy sent me another *large* yummy cash treat AND a bottle of perfume from my wishlist. He’s so well behaved sometimes! *Giggles* I keep telling him that his training is progressing, especially after the way I made him cum last week…lol…. But I think he might be getting nervous again, cause all this week he was trying to act like a REAL man again. As if. LOL! It’s all good though, as long as he keeps making me happy and spoiling me rotten, all is forgiven. For now. :)

I also got a book from my little slut Chase (I can’t wait to read it, sweetheart~TY!) And a box of Hello Kitty stuff from my favorite FS (It’s all absolutely perfect, I mean it!! TY again!) I still don’t know who bought me the CD’s though! The new Britney CD, and Carrie Underwood, and Rihanna. Is anyone going to confess so I can say thank you? Or are you going to make me wait till they get here….? This definitely qualifies as teasing me, no matter how much I like surprises….

And now for favorite callers….jeez, it’s been DAYS since I did this! I almost don’t know where to start! Let’s see…. My sweetheart CCD, I can’t even count how many calls, but every single one was HOT and yummy good! My favorite FS, of course, also for lots of loong yummy calls (I hope I cheered you up the other night, Mister…seriously, I hope you’re all better now. Maybe I’ll entertain that particular request sometime soon…you never know! Lol…) A brand new chronic stoker, Marty, who just couldn’t help becoming addicted to me! Hey, it happens! LOL! He kept driving from strip club to strip club (on my command) getting more lap dances and getting all worked up~only to have his orgasm denied every single time! I kept making him call me back, about 10 times total, until finally I sent him to a porn arcade thingie where I finally let him beg me to cum. Poor Marty. Totally addicted and no end in sight. *Giggles* Oh, well. Be careful what you wish for!

Ummm…who else…a new friend, Hobo, who was so into me he swore he just HAD to keep calling me back cause he wanted to spoil me. So who was I to refuse? *Smiles* I jacked up my per minute rate a few dollars and let him talk to me to his lil hearts content. It was kinda cool though~he was actually fun! It’s not too often that I get calls from REAL men who want to blow a bunch of cash on me. LOL! Good stuff. :)

My sweetie B12 (aka Mr Vitamins) also gave a lil late night phone call…it had been so long since we last spoke!! (I think I was seriously missing your voice, my luv…I’ll keep working on that stuff so maybe we can do it again soon, k?) And last but not least, my *Very Naughty* Man, who not only called me quite a few times just to be sweet to me, but also left me my favorite feedback. I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

From the sweetest of the sweetest, to the naughtiest of the naughtiest, Kylie really pushes my buttons. It doesnt matter if you call her in the afternoon or in the late hours of the night, you will go away feeling like you have had the most amazing GFE available. It really makes me think that i would love to take her home to MOM!!!

Have I mentioned lately that I’m SO lucky to have the very best callers in the whole wide world? :) From the yummy calls, to the sweet emails, to the prezzies and cash treats….you guys always go out of your way to make your sweet lil girl feel SUPER special!! And I so appreciate it! I truly, truly do.

And I guess that’s it! This happens every time I say it’s going to be a short note…I should knock on wood from now on everytime I say that, I think. *Giggles* Either way, it’s just after 10pm now, I should be available and taking calls by 10:30pm EST. So call me tonight!! I don’t know yet how late I’ll stay up, all I know for sure is that 3am is the absolute latest. I didn’t log on at all last night, and while I did make my tight lil pussy cum a few times, it’s not quite the same without a sexy voice in my ear cumming with me. You know? Maybe some of you will be available to help me out with that….

Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot! Wait…to be honest, I DID forget…tonight is daylight savings time!! So, as I’ve been reminding all of you who have called to play with me tonight, don’t forget to set your clocks back!! “Fall back”, as the saying goes…. But as a result, I’m staying up a lil later than I originally planned. It’s 4am EST now, and I think I’ll be up and taking calls for another hour or so….just fyi. :) And to my sweet TR~happy anniversary to you too, my luv. (And thanks for making me cum so hard so many times tonight, mister!) *Smiles* Bye again!!

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