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Now it’s my turn….

To tease YOU, that is! *Giggles* I just like teasing you with my new pictures once in a while. And you like it, right? :) See, this is where you’re supposed to think about peeling these sexy lil panties all the way off of me…maybe bending me over against the wall and grabbing my hips so you can… Well. You get the idea. I’m just teasing in this post, remember? *Smiles* I promise, I have lots and lots of new stuff coming really soon…Tee is busy working her web design magic for me again, so some of that stuff (including new pictures of your sweet lil girl!) is on the way.

Anyway, I digress. Why am I writing now, when it’s already Midnight and I’m only going to be on for another hour or so? Well, because! Because I feel like it! *Giggles* And, cause I wanted to say hello and give you a lil something to keep me on your mind till I’m back and taking calls after my Princess Day Tuesday. AND, because I’m in a super happy mood tonight! I’ve been making myself cum cause you guys are calling to play with me…and listening to my new Britney CD that I finally got today. (WOW do I love it!! I’ve been dancing my cute lil ass off to it all night so far, to be completely honest…) I love ALL the CD’s I got today, but I still don’t know who sent them to me! I mean, I got the receipt from my amazon wishlist and all, but the name isn’t familiar to me, and there was no gift message! *Pouts* So I guess there are some of you out there who have never called to play with me, but still feel like I deserve to be spoiled? Works for me! :) But you should still call me sometime….especially you, Canadian S. I like to give personal thank yous whenever possible! Lol…

SO. I’ll be available and taking calls till 1 or 2am EST tonight, so if you’re still up and you feel like cumming with me? Call me tonight!! Remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, look for me after 7pm on Wednesday. I’m going to find some favorite feedback to share before I go…. Okay~this one’s from my favorite TR, and you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

so Kylie demonstrated a clear reason why i keep coming back tonight… remembering something i said was hot in a previous call and clobbering me with it tonight. i feel like she gives her best for me, and funny as it might be, that makes me want to give my best for her. happy anniversary of sorts, baby. you are incredible. (Can you believe we’ve been talking for a whole year now, my luv? I hope you liked that last call as much as I did…I think I like being a dirty girl for you….)

Sweet dreams, guys! Bye for now!

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